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Beware: Preschool Mean Girls and Boys and Helping Your Child Cope

Now that I’ve been at this parenting thing for seven years, I have to say one of the more shocking things I’ve come across is the fact that the notorious “mean girls” (& boys!) begin at age 4. And I’m not joking. I’ve been in parent group discussions with a mom in tears because she isn’t sure what to do about her daughter being left out every day; I’ve over heard some of the harshest words come out of a kid’s mouth toward another; And I’ve witnessed both boys and girls being left out of cliques. It starts young and it certainly doesn’t get better from there. Breezy Mama turned to Dr. Fran Walfish to get tips on how to handle when your child is left on the outside of a clique, the skills to give them to deal with children who are rude to them, what to do when your child is the culprit and more.

The first time I heard there were cliques in preschool I pretty much laughed. I’ve since witnessed how harsh it can be for a child… and worse for their mom. How are kids already purposely excluding other kids at such a young age?

Yes, it came as a surprise to me too. It’s hard to imagine that children so young can be exclusive. It seems to begin earlier and earlier with each generation. I have seen 3 year-old girls [Read more…]

The Vasectomy

To say that my hubby and I feel lucky to soon be welcoming another two children into our lives would be an extreme understatement. Sounds crazy since it’s our fourth and fifth babies in the last seven years, but there are very few people that will tell you we’re sane (kidding… kind of). But let’s be honest: this pregnancy was a huge surprise… twins made it hilarious. And once the intense nausea of a double load hit me, I was dead set that this will be the first and last happy surprise that I would like to experience.

Enter the vasectomy. [Read more…]

Whooping Cough: Why You Need to be Concerned

If you’ve listened to the news lately, you’ve heard about whooping cough. Everyone, from babies to grandmas, has gotten it–no one is immune. Whooping cough–one of those diseases that seems like it should’ve been eradicated long ago–is back. And it’s scary. Breezy Mama turned to Pediatrician Dr. Jon Conti for the low-down on this infectious disease.

What exactly is Whooping Cough?
‘Whooping Cough’ is a highly contagious, vaccine-preventable bacterial disease caused by Bordetella pertussis. It lasts for many weeks and typically manifests in children as raging spasms of severe coughing,  or ‘whooping’, and vomiting after the coughing episode has completed.

Why are we suddenly hearing about so many cases in the news?
For many people, pertussis (commonly known as Whooping Cough) is old news—a once-feared disease long controlled by vaccination. The perception that pertussis is something we don’t have to worry about obscures the fact that, despite effective vaccines and generally high coverage, pertussis remains a stubborn public health threat, more prevalent and severe than [Read more…]

Congrats to Maria from Chino Hills, CA!

Congrats to Maria, Breezy Mama to three year old daughter, Mia who hails from Chino Hills, Ca! Maria won the Waterman’s Applied Science sunscreen package–just for leaving a comment on the Breezy Mama Father’s Day Gift Guide! The package includes Waterman’s Applied Science sunscreen lotion, a face stick, hat, and t-shirt and will make a perfect Father’s Day gift for her hubby, Shane.

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How to Tackle the Tough Topics of Privates, Puberty, Flashing, and Masturbation


Dr. Chrystal de Freitas

Who knew we’d ever be put in the position to have to discuss privates and puberty with our own kids! Dr. Chrystal de Freitas of Healthy Chats answers all of Breezy Mama’s questions (and we had a lot from toddler to teen) starting with when to discuss with your toddler it’s not okay for anyone to touch their privates, what to do when someone else’s child acts in a sexually inappropriate way at any age, to advice on starting THE talk with the older kids, what parents who are too uncomfortable should do and [Read more…]

Top 10 Parenting Books

41F35b+fOGL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA240_SH20_OU01_Remember when your parents told you that you didn’t come with an instruction manual? They lied (kidding… kind of). Maybe it was just that they couldn’t choose WHICH book to go by. Leave it to Breezy Mama to narrow down the Top 10 Parenting advice books after cross referencing best seller lists, factoring reader reviews, consulting Hanna Fenichel Parent Educator Patti Aretz’s picks and adding a [Read more…]

And the Breezy Husband of the Month is…

We couldn’t choose just one! Check out our top three winners.

Danny submitted by Breezy Mama Maria
maria_husband“My husband, Danny, does everything from laundry to cooking and cleaning to changing Devon’s diaper, feeding her, and putting her down at night-he’s earned husband of the YEAR in my book! While doing all of this, he works hard as a fireman and tries his darndest to calm and care for me. He finds his way to put a smile on my face and reminds me to enjoy our lucky life.”

Ryan submitted by Breezy Mama Vanessa
“My hubby is the best hubby for MANY reasons, so here are just some:
*Give’s me every Friday night “off” so that I can go out with the girls which HE TELLS ME is very important! 🙂
*He does a weekly movie night just him and the kids = more time off for me!
*Plays everything and anything the kids want to play with total enthusiasm, no matter how tired he is.
*Fixes EVERYTHING around the house. We hardly ever need a repair man.
*Reads 2 books and snuggles with our kids every night. I can go on and on, but just wanted everyone to know that he’s truly the best hubby and dad that I could have asked for. :)”

photoSteve submitted by Breezy Mama Patti
“My husband is THE MAN. He brings healthy shakes to my work. He makes sure all the pets (bearded dragon, fish, 3 kittens, one frog & the dog) are fed. He vacuums, irons and sweeps. When he gets into bed and I’m sleeping he gently takes the book I’m reading off my chest, kises me and turns out the light. He puts our daughter to bed, with more patience than than I could ever muster at 9pm. He tells me I’m beautiful. After 31 years of marriage, I LOVE HIM!”

eli_newbornkidsAnd to my own husband, Eli, thank you for being a partner in the truest sense of the word. I love traveling life’s learning curve with you and couldn’t imagine a better, more loving and giving father for our babies. Thank you for keeping smiles on all of our faces! Happy Father’s Day! I love you, ~Chelsea (ps. And Happy Father’s Day Dad, Curtis, Christopher, Davie, Bill, Jim and Mark! I love you all!)

family-01And from Alex to her husband Bowen…thank you for being the wonderful father that you are. I’m so blessed to have you as my partner in figuring out this thing called parenting. I couldn’t ask for a more fun and loving husband and the kids couldn’t have a better Daddy. Thank you for everything. Happy Father’s Day, I love you!

Please feel free to leave comments for the fathers in your life!

What It Costs to Turn Your Baby Into A Genius

gladden_maracasFinance at a glance contributed by Geezeo

by Chelsea P. Gladden

Many new parents can easily get suckered into thinking that if they don’t start their child in a music class by 5 months of age, she will already be behind all the other babies. Sure, it may sound crazy, but conscientious parents are just listening to claims such as “music helps brain development!” Speaking from experience however, walk into any music class for babies and notice lots of happy little ones lying on their backs, cooing to their mothers and/or fathers and occasionally shaking maracas off beat when they aren’t trying to suck on them to help with teething – little Albert Einsteins in the making!

What signing up for classes with your baby WILL do, is get you out of the house – a regularly scheduled and paid for class could be the extra motivation you need—and interacting with other parents. A little adult conversation will likely boost your spirits and in the end help you be better suited to give your child the love she needs. However, if you want to believe that it will also boost brain power versus just more drumstick-sucking-drool, here’s what it’s going to cost you. [Read more…]