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Breezy Mama is a mom blog and free online parenting magazine for those women who feel that motherhood doesn’t define them. They love being a mom but have no problem admitting it’s hard. They put their best foot forward to make life raising kids mutually enjoyable. It’s not about sacrificing for the kids, but doing things everyone enjoys together. The Breezy Mama breaks the mold on what it means when one becomes “a mom.” She is smart, sassy and fun.

With the Breezy Mama Web site, we not only offer what we’ve learned throughout this crazy thing called parenthood, but we also have interviews with top notch child development experts and pediatricians in order to give moms the best advice around. From articles on child rearing to a great new toilet wand we discovered, we appeal to all moms—young, hip and those who are always looking for the breezy tip.

About the Moms

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in 6th grade.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in 6th grade.

It all started in Mrs. Unanaue’s fourth grade class—she moved our desks next to one another and we immediately bonded over our mutual love of Hello Kitty. It wasn’t a matter of who had the best stamps (Alex) or who had the greater collection of pens (Chelsea); it was having someone to share it all with.

Since the original days of My Melody and learning multiplication, we have been through a lot—yearbook summer camp in high school, college roommates, living in the same apartment building after college, training for a marathon while raising $2,000 each for the Leukemia Foundation, being each other’s maid of honor and, of course, visiting hospital beds when each of our babies were born. Through it all one thing has remained the same: our enthusiasm for sharing tips, budgeting tricks and our eagerness to learn more.


At the beach in 8th grade.

Chelsea’s advice has been featured in numerous press outlets including  her recurring appearances on Fox 5 San Diego’s “Ask the Moms”, People Magazine’s Moms & Babies, Parents Magazine, NBC San Diego, NBC Los Angeles, on MSN’s HerSay with Soleil Moon Frye, US News, Pregnancy Magazine and more. In additions to to helping parents through speaking engagements and leading class discussion groups, Chelsea has attended several pre-screenings of kids’ movies, product trade shows, TV events, kid related events as well as conducting several celebrity interviews. Prior to working with movie studios, television networks, book publishing companies, toy PR reps, app makers and more to bring the most up to date information in kid’s entertainment on Breezy Mama, Chelsea was the Web Site Content chelsea_gladden_breezy_mamaProducer and Programmer for Sony Pictures Entertainment’s www.theyoungandthrestless.com. After her first child was born, she continued with her quest of keeping Y&R fans up to date on style, music, behind-the-scenes, interviews and more. Two years later came a 100 mile move, another child and the end of her soap contract. Since the days of evil twins and Nikki and Victor marriages, Chelsea has collaborated with several child development experts, pediatrician’s, women’s health doctors and more to bring Breezy Mama readers top notch advice. In addition, Chelsea also added baby number three to the family… followed by a 4th & a 5th (twins)... she promises she’s done.

Alex’s pre-mom career was in magazine publishing. She helped launch Surfing Girl magazine where it was “all hands on deck”. Although her official title was Marketing Coordinator, Alex wrote the beauty and product columns, as well as some feature stories. She went on to become the Associate Publisher for SG: Surf, Snow, Skate Girl—an action sports magazine for young women—which is where she stayed until having her first child. Since then, Alex has been a freelancer in all sorts of arenas—sales, writing, site tech and fashion production.

A little gem from the 7th grade.

We both now spend the daylight hours working until the pick ups and drop offs start all the while making time for husbands, friends, family and hobbies. Neither of us will ever pretend motherhood is easy, but we continue our quest to find ideas to give the incredible journey of parenting a breath of fresh air. With this philosophy we hope to share what we’ve learned from raising our combined seven kids as well as receive tips from our readers and contributors. We do all of this with one goal in mind: to pass advice on in hopes of making life a little breezier for others.

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