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Cama’s Playlist: Get Fit!

Getting fit is probably the top of most of our lists for 2011, and what better motivator to stick to your routine than music? Cama is back with a playlist that is sure to get you moving and your heart pumping. One word of warning–some of the songs contain explicit lyrics, so make sure to keep the sound down on your iPod. Now go get moving! [Read more…]

Cama’s Playlist: Music For Post-Dropping the Kids Off at School

Picture 5Heading to the mellow side, Cama’s next playlist is your opportunity to take a deep breath, eject the kid’s music from your CD player and enjoy some adult tunes post preschool/big kid drop-off. Start downloading your deep breaths… [Read more…]

Cama’s Playlist: Shake Your Booty

Summer heat getting you down? Nothing sounds better than a long, tall drink . . . and maybe some great music playing in the background? It’s time to dance the rest of summer away–put this mix on and great ready to get down with your bad self. One word of warning though–there are a few explicit lyrics on here (what great mix wouldn’t have them?) so play while kiddos are sleeping. Unless of course, you’re still in the pre-talking stage; if that’s the case, then by all means, dance away!

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Cama’s Playlist: Summer BBQ

Ahhh, nothing compliments the summer BBQ more than chips and guacamole, an icy cold beer and great tunes playing in the background. Although we can’t supply the first two ingredients, we do have the last–the perfect Summer BBQ mix. So as Cama says, “Here is another mix for the Breezy Mama crowd. Get together with friends, turn on the grill, and enjoy!”

Here’s what’s on it (you can download the entire mix from the iTunes store by clicking here) :

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Cama’s Playlist: The Essential 80’s Mix

80s-girlWhat’s so great about Cama’s mix is that it’s not the typical 80’s songs you hear at a wedding (Come On Eileen excluded, of course). Instead, it’s more like “let’s drink some wine coolers, belt out songs at the top of our lungs and relive our youth” kinda mix.  Featuring songs like Lovecats, Our House, and Jack and Diane, the music will put a [Read more…]

Cama’s Playlist: Music to Clean the House

Ever wish you could make a playlist for every facet of your life? A playlist for taking the kids to school, a playlist for the perfect beach day, a playlist to get you pumped up before exercising, a playlist for. . .you get the idea. Well, consider that wish granted because Breezy Mama has convinced Breezy friend and playlist maker extraordinaire, Cama, to create one for all of you Breezy readers once a month. The first is Music to Clean the House–because who couldn’t use some pumping up there? And now a word from Cama:

I went from a 40 to a 24 song list–anyone who cleans house longer than 90 minutes is nuts! Yes, there are two Michael Jackson songs on it. I rarely put an artist on a playlist twice but when I clean, for some reason, I like to hit those high notes like Michael does (and boogie with the vacuum.) There is a song that every generation should like, so feel free to play when Mom is visiting and it’s also safe to listen to if it’s just you and the kid in the house. Enjoy! –Cama Stevens

fleetwood1.  Fleetwood Mac:  Bleed to Love Her

2.  Feist: 1234

3. Michael Jackson: Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

4. The Police: Man in a Suitcase

5. Bananarama: Cruel Summer
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Your Go-To Outfit: Summer BBQ

The summer BBQ invites are flooding in, but if you’re like us, the ideas on what to wear are just plain smoky. We turned to one of our fashion gurus, Breezy Mama Vanessa, who’s always on fire when it comes to throwing together the perfect outfit. So, if you want to add a little sizzle on a very friendly budget (nothing over $35.00 here!), here’s how to turn [Read more…]

For Mom’s Ears Only: The Ultimate Work Out Mix for May

beggin2Ready to get your heart rate up? Download the songs on this list and  find out how motivated you will be to get out the door and get moving. At the very least, this mix is bound to get you dancing! Click on the links below to listen for yourself!

1. Beggin’ : Madcon
I love this song! It has a 60’s-ish feel to it and is a great one to start your work-out to.

2. Poker Face: Lady GaGa
And now you’re going! Leave it to Lady GaGa to really get things started.

3. Love Sex Magic (feat. Justin Timberlake): Ciara
Let’s be honest — if it weren’t for Justin Timberlake, a.k.a. world’s greatest [Read more…]