10 Mother Must-haves

Clartici Beauty Set

Have we mentioned our day job at Everything Branding? We get introduced to the best of the best in products! From the must-have ALL NEW sunglasses to the beauty tech product that analyzes your skin to the best sleep product AND SO MUCH MORE – check out these 10 Mother Must-haves!

1.ALL NEW Lems Chukka Corduroy  

The ALL NEW Chukka Corduroy by Lems lets you put your best foot forward! Designed for the shape of your foot for the ultimate fit, these stylish Vegan friendly shoes in both men and women sizing are wrapped in the comfiest corduroy and feature all the favorite qualities you’ve come to expect from Lems Shoes.

Highlights include:

• Vegan friendly

• Ultra lightweight

• Wide toe box provides extra room for feet to breath and avoid jammed toes

• Easily fold up making them convenient to pack for travels or throw in a backpack

• Available in three colors:  Green Kush, Moon Dust and Space Jelly

$120 – learn more on lemsshoes.com

2. ALL NEW Yunizon

Are you sick of sunglasses that squeeze your face or slip off throughout the day? Yunizon is a new sunglass brand that’s revolutionizing the way you shop for shades, their proprietary Global Fit Technology celebrates individuality with design enhancements for every face shape and size, so all you have to worry about is choosing a favorite style. 

Starting at $159 – Learn more at http://www.yunizoneyewear.com

3. ALL NEW Skercle 

Skercle is the the kid friendly “skewer” that’s safe and fun for kids! Created to make fruit and/or veggies all the more appealing, it’s an enclosed skewer without the poking edges! Great for making snack time fun and healthy!

Available in colorful styles and themed options (Easter! Halloween! 4th of July! And More!) are also available. 


Prices start at $8.99 for a pack of 3

Learn more skercle.com

4. ALL NEW Clartici  (pronounced: Clar – tea – cee)

Clartici is an innovative beauty tech brand that details the natural condition of your skin. Fitting in the palm of your hand, their unique technology ICI (eee-cee) analyzer and accompanying app provide results for the amount of product you need in real time. By placing the ICI analyzer over 3 places on your face for a few seconds, you can then immediately receive your custom plan and recommended amount of their COSMOS Certified Serum and Moisturizer!

Both the Sanguine and Reiki are COSMOS Certified and natural, green, clean, organic, sustainable, and ethically sourced! The COSMOS Standard covers every part of the production process from idea to retail destination.   

$399 for the complete set of the ICI, Sanguine Cream and Reiki Cream


$59.99 – Sanguine

$59.99 -Reiki

Learn more on: clartici.com 

5. Goldenerre

It’s time to upgrade your Apple Watch to reflect your style! Check out Goldenerre! Goldenerre turns your everyday Apple Watch into a fashion-forward statement piece. Whether you want to dress it up or be an edgy trendsetter, there’s plenty of feminine, high quality options to choose from.

Price: $55 + — learn more on goldenerre.com

6. Life Elements Face Care Collection

Take your facial care to the next level with Life Elements face care collection. In this plant-based collection, you’ll find formulas that improve the natural balance of your skin by cleaning it without stripping away all the good stuff. Reap the benefits of this Collection’s natural blends that promote anti-aging, and restore the healthiest glow you never knew you had. Life Elements face care collection features:

  • Cleanse skin without overdrying 
  • Protect skin from free radicals
  • Fight signs of aging
  • Reduce fine lines and “turkey neck”
  • Brighten, hydrate, and balance skin tone
  • Slough dead skin cells
  • Clean pores
  • Clear pollutants
  • Fight acne

Get to know “waterless beauty” with their face mask and powder wash!

The set also includes their amazing day serum and night serum!

Prices start at $28 

Or enjoy the complete collection: $212 lifeelements.com

7. Fable Soap Co’s Rose Clay & Lavender Facial Cleanser – For daily radiance

Take a page from Mother Nature and emerge from the drying winter season rejuvenated with Fable Soap Co.–a farm-to-face skincare line that understands women’s ever-evolving skincare needs from adolescence to motherhood and beyond!

Their 100% clean formulas nourish and heal using powerhouse botanical extracts, natural clays, and soothing oils that are safe for your skin and gentle on the environment. With several products to choose from, their amazing Rose Clay & Lavender Facial Cleanser features:

  • Packed with Vitamins A, B, C, E, and Omega 3 to hydrate skin
  • Lavender Essential Oil calms both body and mind
  • Reduces inflammation and calms redness
  • Exfoliates and tightens pores
  • Fades hyper-pigmentation and helps regenerate collagen and restalin
  • Safe for sensitive and mature skin

From $8.00 – FableSoapCo.com

8. Sacred Mama Organics’ Superfood Beauty Oil

Experience the wonders of watercress infused with hemp and the powerful impact on your skin with Sacred Mama Organics’ Superfood Beauty Oil! Building upon generations of family farming, including founder Judy Beserra’s grandpa harvesting wild watercress from the streams of California when they moved to the US from Mexico in the early 1900’s, this life-seeker of healthy innovations created a plant-based elixir with highlights that include:

  • Infused with the anti-aging power of watercress
  • A lightweight formula that  is non-comedogenic and does not clog pores
  • Absorbs quickly and works well with all skin types
  • Specially crafted with anti-aging enzymes and vitamins for luminous skin
  • Made using 99% raw and organic plant-powered ingredients
  • Always pure, always natural
  • Hydrating and nourishing with the powers of hemp
  • Boosts collagen & skin elasticity
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves skin tone and texture

WATERCRESS is the new KALE™!  A study conducted by Japanese beauty brand Shiseido concluded “watercress extract works on the dermal cells and promotes the production of type III collagen.” Rich in vitamins and minerals, this key ingredient in Sacred Mama’s Superfood Beauty Oil helps achieve a smooth and glowing appearance!

$48 –  Learn more at sacredmamaorganics.com

9. Baseline’s REM Ritual

As we prep for Daylight Savings sleep struggles, Baseline has the natural way to restore your beauty sleep!

Welcome to REM Ritual, a nightly routine designed to calm your body and mind so you can rise rested and refreshed. In other words, sleep like you mean it with vitamin Zzz. A powerful team of ingredients designed to relax the body, quiet the mind, and regulate our circadian sleep cycle, this ALL NEW product from Baseline gives you a more effective way to get some rest – literally!

REM Ritual features:

·  Formulated for daily use 

·  Provides cumulative benefits

·  Liposomal technology makes CBD and other vital ingredients more bioavailable—increasing the absorption rate and prolonging its effectiveness

·  Made with non-GMO, GMP Certified, full-spectrum CBD grown in Colorado

·  Rigorous in-house and independent third-party lab testing, with a Certificate of Analysis provided for each batch

This all new break-through brand features full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD infused with whole plant ingredients and adaptogens and featuring an innovative delivery technology that significantly improves the product’s bioavailability (translation: the most effective absorption on the market!

$54 – available on https://www.baselinecbd.co

10. The Good Stuff Botanicals’ Gypsy Cream

Enjoy the high-quality, natural ingredients in Gypsy Cream that will give your skin what it needs to be happy + healthy + balanced.

Created to treat psoriasis, this potent cream featuring organic hemp seed oil (cold pressed 3 hours after harvest!) and the Montana Hot Springs Mineral water (rumored to have the second highest trace mineral content in the world!)  is now used in hospitals and recommended by doctors, dermatologists and estheticians for its soothing effects for everything from dry skin and dermatitis to the fine lines of aging and even chemo and radiation irritations. It’s anti-inflammatory benefits can soothe sore muscles too! 

And available on Amazon!

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