7 Products That Take Care of YOU!

As we round the bend to Mother’s Day (but who’s counting…), check out some products to spoil yourself or drop serious hints to you family 😉

1. Numa Foods Healthier For You Treat!
Get ready to treat your taste buds with Numa good-for-you nougat! Inspired by Asian nougat, Numa has only natural ingredients, 40% less sugar than the average candy and the added benefit of 4 grams of protein per serving!

With three flavors to choose from, Numa’s taste is similar to popular candy such as PayDay, White Rabbit, Big Hunk, Laffy Taffy, Charleston Chews, Abba-Zaba, Bit-O-Honey and more. Enjoy the delicious taste with fewer calories plus 10 essential vitamins!

Numa Nougat features:

  • Just 6 wholesome natural ingredients!
  • 40% less sugar than average candy!
  • Three flavors to choose from: original, chocolate and strawberry!
  • Variety pack available too!
  • Gluten free!
  • Each chew is only 55 calories (!) and has 2g of protein!
  • 10 essential vitamins per serving size!
  • Non-GMO and no preservatives!
  • Individually packed chews – great for travel, office, school and more

$4.49 for a bag of 8 individually wrapped chews.
$13.99 for the Neopolitan trio of bags

Available on Numafoods.com and Amazon!

2. EEGO’s Scientifically Designed For Comfort Flip Flops

Feet-uring heel control and arch support all the while looking great too, EEGO helps reduce the strain on your arches while cradling your foot when it hits the ground.

Available for both men and women, EEGO Flip Flops’ highlights include:

  • Designed by a Physiotherapist and Podiatrist with the ultimate comfort in mind!
  • Heel control design cradles your foot as it hits the ground!
  • Created to reduce the strain on arches!
  • Available in men sizes in brown, Teal, grey and black.
  • Additional colors in women sizing include the above as well as Taffy Pink, Nude and Azure Blue.
  • Enjoy in comfort and style on all your adventures!

Ready to put your best foot forward? Let EEGO save your sole.

$30 -Available on eegolife.com

Collagen For Her: Organic Matcha Collagen

3. Collagen For Her: Organic Matcha Collagen 

Matcha and collagen together? Yes, please! A single scoop contains 10g of protein and 11g of collagen — plus all the benefits of matcha, too!

Collagen For Her Helps:

  • Promote healthier hair and stronger nails

  • Improve skin elasticity and the appearance of skin
  • Reduce joint pain and promote bone health
  • Regulate digestion and improve gut health
  • Adds a clean source of protein to your diet

$44.99  –available on Collagen For Her and Amazon!

4. HYDY’s Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Hydration is key to your daily self care routine. If you have trouble drinking enough water you’re not alone. HYDY’s chic Estiva series infuser bottles make water flavorful to drink. Fill the bottle with fruit and the center strainer filters it into a delicious, naturally flavored drink!

 $25 – available on myhydy.com and Amazon!

5. Urban Re-Leaf

Create a spa-like sense of serenity in your home with the Cannabis Coconut Wax Candles from Urban Re-Leaf! These calming candles provide a multitude of benefits for the body. Not only does the infused cannabis oil help with relaxation, but it can also help reduce anxiety and serve as a sleep aid, too.

$37 – available on urbanre-leaf.com

6. Life Elements

Pamper your skin and calm your muscles with Life Elements Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub. With its anti-inflammatory benefits of organically grown CBD, the soothing properties of our Pure Bee Goodness, and the skin-repairing qualities of each ingredient working in conjunction with one another, you will have the best shower of your life.

Made with 150mg full spectrum CBD

$21 – available on LifeElements.com

7. Buddha Board

Shut away your smart devices and commit to truly living in the moment with the Buddha Board, a modern tool for rediscovering the ancient Zen art form. Simply fill the stand with water, dip the brush, and start creating ephemeral drawings and lettering with a distinctly rich flair.

$24.95 – available on BuddhaBoard.com and Amazon!

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