4 Must-Haves From Amazon

We all love shopping made easy and below are 5 fantastic items that are all available on Amazon! 


  1.  ALL NEW Vibe Soft-Sided Cooler from Coolest
From the makers of the amazing Coolest Cooler comes a whole NEW way to chill! Introducing the Coolest Vibe™, the soft-sided cooler that’s easy to take on the go with all the features you’d expect from the innovative brand.

Waterproof, lightweight and durable, the Vibe is also equipped with an exclusive universal mount that easily straps onto to your bike handlebars, fences, trees and more!  

$179 for 18 can size

$229 for 30 can size – 

click here!


2.  Original Coolest

And don’t miss the original on Amazon! The Coolest Cooler with blender is the ULTIMATE for keeping your items cold on the go while thinking outside of the “ice box” on features! Blending drinks with music, picnic party essentials, USB charging and more, Coolest is also a durable, top of the line carry all that includes 4-5 days of ice retention!  

$499.99 – click here!

3. Buddha Board!


Now you see it, now you don’t!


Buddha Board is a clean slate that lets you paint on it with water and then watch as your design slowly fades away! Encouraging you to enjoy the now, Buddha Board is the gift of creative space.


$34.95 click here!

4. Monster Towel

Meet your new favorite towel! Whether you are camping, cheering on your favorite team, ready for a picnic, tailgating or headed to the beach, Monster Towel has you covered! Made of super soft and absorbent suede micro fiber material, this 10×10 towel is bigger than a king size bed and ready to fit your friends and family! Rolling up into a compact size, it’s convenient strap makes it easy to carry and take on the go!

$89.95 – click here!


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