Babies Stay Comfy and Parents Stay On Top of Bedtime Routines with Baby Starters Sleep and Play Outfits

With carefree summer fun behind us, everyone likes to get back to consistent routines this time of year! Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that bedtime, no matter at what age, can be a very frustrating struggle for everyone involved! We all know babies rule the roost and tend to make their own schedules, but at least parents can try their best to keep some level of norm when it comes to bedtime, and of course to keep their precious tots comfortable and safe as they’re counting sheep! 

Perfect for play and nap time, is Baby Starters’ Sleep and Play line! Year one of a new baby’s life is filled with celebration and wonder, and Baby Starters is there for every “first”— from smiles to coos to wobbly stands! By interpreting trends into must-have products, our brand delivers an unwavering attention to detail and a steadfast emphasis on quality.

Parents and gift-givers who love the Baby Starters value the extras, like special trims, superior fabrics, and modern colors and patterns, while little ones love the comfort of soft clothing and blankets.

And for those older siblings in the family, we highly recommend you check out Night Life pajamas, also from the makers of Baby Starters! 

Trust us when we say, parents will appreciate the outstanding quality and comfort in each and every piece!

At Rashti & Rashti, they celebrate babies and kids with high quality products that are made with great care. The company started with newborns and infants — a natural place to begin — and has grown to include toddler and big kid sizes in sleep, swim and playwear (aka, the fun stuff)! Visit for more info on all they have to offer and all of the amazing brands under their umbrella and to shop direct these cute looks, visit

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