5 Steps to Stop Yelling and Get Kids Listening with Fresh Start Family

What if you could stave off meltdowns in the checkout line, end playdates with smiles and waves, or simply get your kids to finally put on their pants?
With Fresh Start Family and their unique Foundations Course in Positive Parenting, anyone can learn how to feel like a parenting-pro.
“Positive Parenting is all about fostering children’s cooperation without reward or punishment,” explained Fresh Start Family founder Wendy Snyder. “It’s about making them feel like they are a part of the process so they want to participate–no yelling or bribery required.”

Mastering these 5 steps can put an end to the daily squabbles:
  1. Stop and Listen — Giving kids your full attention shows you are interested in them and their words–no matter how silly they may seem.
  2. Validate Their Feelings –– Kids have big emotions and don’t know how to process them. Having our support helps them work through their issues.
  3. Think About Their Needs — Once you’ve acknowledged their feelings, address the reason behind them. Are they overtired or hungry? When was the last time they had your full attention?
  4. Give Them Power — Kids want to be in charge, but rarely get the chance. Giving them simple choices–like whether they leave the park in 5 or 10 minutes–makes them feel in control.
  5. Remind Them of Your Love — Even when they’re misbehaving, kids have a vital need to know they are loved no matter what. When this need is met they act out less.
In the Foundations Course, parents delve deeper into these topics and gain a toolbox of skills and ideas that foster cooperation, emotional intelligence, and respect.

Best of all for busy families, it can be completed at home on your own schedule!

Visit Fresh Start Family to learn more about Snyder’s Foundations Course or to join the Bonfire support community for parents.

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