Pinterest-Worthy Chicken Coops

Having chickens is a thing. From Texas to New York to California and everywhere in between, mini-urban farms and backyard chicken coops have exploded in popularity. More people are caring about smart, sustainable living and knowing exactly where their food is coming from. Just ask celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Oprah, Lady Gaga, Giselle and Tom Brady and others.

The person so many people turn to for guidance: Lisa Steele, 5th generation chicken keeper, author and creator of the popular website “FreshEggs Daily“. From advice on what to grow in your garden to what to feed your chickens to turning coops into cool little homes… she knows it all! Read on to learn more!

Pinterest-Worthy Chicken Coops

Turn Your Brood’s Coop into a Castle 


Just because your chickens live in a coop doesn’t mean they – and more likely – you, can’t appreciate a few touch ups. Backyard chicken keeping expert Lisa Steele has been sprucing up her coop creating Pinterest-worthy DIY touches you’ll want to copy for your own feathered friends’ humble adobe.

From wallpaper to wooden signs, chandeliers to a fresh coat of chicken safe paint, Steele offers up creative, pin-able décor for the posh flock. These looks will be sure to bring a smile to your face every time you visit the coop. You can find all Steele’s great sprucing ideas on her blog at along with her advice for everything related to backyard chicken keeping.

Steele’s blog, website, TV show and books are the inspiration for flock masters everywhere. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming book, 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks, due out in September.

Steele’s Books:

• Let’s Hatch Chicks – In this sweet child’s book, Steele introduces the joys and responsibilities of raising chicks through the eyes of Violet, an expectant hen.

• Fresh Eggs Daily –  This authoritative, accessible guide tells you everything you need to know to join the latest movement in urban chicken raising for eggs and companionship. You’ll learn the basics of coops, nesting boxes, runs, feed, and natural health care with time-tested remedies.

• Duck Eggs Daily – An entertaining, indispensable how-to-book on raising ducks. Steele also provides advice for blending ducks into an existing chicken flock and cooking with duck eggs.

• Gardening with Chickens – Steele helps you plan and grow your own garden with healthy, pesticide-free herbs, fruits and veggies to share with your family and your feathered friends. In this easy to read guide, Steele walks you through the basics of chickens and composting, shows you how to make coop window boxes and lets you know what plants to avoid with chickens.

Wanna learn more? Visit Lisa’s site at:




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  1. Thanks for the sweet article! I enjoy the DIY aspect of chicken keeping almost as much as the fresh eggs and the chickens’ adorable antics!

  2. Thanks Lisa! Love your ideas — they make me want to get some chickens of my own! 🙂

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