Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Breezy Mama New York Editor Lan gives us some inspiration! From Lan:

It’s time to celebrate mothers again. With Mother’s Day just days away, it’s great to see all these fabulous ideas on how to toast our efforts in juggling family, work, school events, doctor’s appointments and the many things we do to keep a home running.

But let’s get real. While it’s thethought that counts, getting the right gift can make our day – even week. Here are some ideas that won’t break the bank:

While we love our family, sometimes we just need time to slow down and, well, be alone to recharge. A weekend morning where dads take charge of getting the kids out the door for their various activities would be priceless.

Many of us, however, would not be adverse to a gift card for sixty minutes of rest and relaxation at a spa. I’ve been dying try a treatment at Savory Beauty, which opened nearby recently. Other popular places to check out: Bliss, Red Door and Blue Mercury.


Between picky eaters and food allergies, meal planning takes up a lot of my brain space. Mom Xiaoning agrees, saying a great gift would be a week in which someone else manages the cooking for the family.

Think about what we enjoy in our down time. For some, it could be retail therapy so gift cards to our favorite stores are a no-brainer. I love to learn about new skincare and cosmetic lines so a gift card to Sephora or a class to refresh my makeup routine would be much appreciated.

For moms who are prefer the practical, how about a GC to something that would save her time and money. Earny, for example, is a bot that automatically gets users money back on items purchased at stores like Target, Amazon, Best Buy and Nordstrom by finding better prices, tracking price adjustments and getting back the difference. Earny will email the retailers or file claims on her behalf so no more battling customer service reps.

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