5 Tips for Raising Strong Girls from Fresh Start Family Founder Wendy Snyder

While the road to raising empowered young women can seem like a rocky one, parents are finding effective solutions with the growing community behind Fresh Start Family.

Wendy Snyder is a positive parenting teacher and family coach whose company Fresh Start Family gives parents the tools to not only raise the next generation of strong women, but also build trust and bust behavior issues without force.Her course tackles common problems all parents–particularly ones raising girls–face without yelling, bargaining, or giving in.

Here are just 5 tips for reframing everyday interactions so she can grow up feeling empowered!

  1. When she’s crying. — Teach her to look to her feelings. Instead of telling her to not cry, acknowledge her upset and ask her how she’s feeling.
  2. When she’s being bossy. — Instead of telling her it’s bad, acknowledge that she has a strong and healthy desire to be in charge, but she needs to practice doing it respectfully. Then roleplay!
  3. When she’s down on her body. — Girls will hear about their looks all their life. Use this as an opportunity to emphasize a part of her that is strong. If she’s a swimmer, talk about her strong arms or if she loves to dance, emphasize how graceful she is.
  4. When she’s upset at a friend during a playdate. — Don’t jump to the rescue. Remind her that you have her back, but she is strong enough to tell her friend she doesn’t like that behavior.
  5. When she’s pushing all your buttons. — Don’t take away your love or tell her she’ll get treats when she’s “good.” Kids need to know you will always love them, no matter what mistakes they make.

“Kids are always going to challenge you–that’s part of healthy development,” explained Snyder. “The backbone of positive parenting is reminding them they are loved unconditionally so they can have the confidence to take risks.”

To learn more tips like these, check out Snyder’s Fresh Start Family Course and Membership Community.   


About Wendy Synder

Wendy Snyder is the founder of www.FreshStartFamilyOnline.com and a Positive Parenting teacher and family coach. Her mission is to help families parent with greater purpose and intention by creating healthy, respectful, and cooperative relationships. She is a Certified Parent Educator of Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB), The Joy of Parenting (JOP) and an advocate for families. Grab her free guide to parenting with firmness & kindness HERE.

*Photos taken by Aaron Chang and Saxon Chang

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