Toy Academy will Hook your Reader!

When it comes to reading, I strongly believe in what I call “the hook”. Every kid is a reader, they just need to find that “hook” book to draw them in. It may be historical fiction (my son was a WWII fanatic), or animals (my daughter’s hook were the Branches books) — they just need to find it. Another key is finding a book that’s not too intimidating–large font, lots of pictures, and and interesting cover that will pull them in — the new book Toy Academy–Some Assembly Required by Brian Lynch (sound familiar? He’s the writer of Minions and Secret Life of Pets) has all of that, plus tons of laugh-out-loud funniness. When Scholastic sent us the book, I immediately handed it off to my third grader for her to judge just how funny it was. According to her, Toy Academy–Some Assembly Required did not disappoint.

Here’s what she had to say: 

Toy Academy is about a strange looking animal that doesn’t know what he is. He goes to Toy Academy, a school that teaches toys how to be a toy. The strange looking animal, Grumbolt makes some friends on the way who try to help him find out who he is. When Grumbolt gets in trouble and gets expelled from Toy Academy, a bootleg of Commander Hedgehog, (Commander Hedgehog is the principle of Toy Academy) takes over Toy Academy. Grumbolt comes back and saves the day. This book is a very good story of friendship and working hard even when you’re different and judged.

Here’s what Scholastic has to say:

Welcome to Toy Academy: where toys learn to play. This is where action figures train to battle, stuffed animals study the art of the hug, and collectibles practice standing very, very still. Though Grumbolt isn’t really any of those things, he’s determined to fit in. But when the Evil Toy Academy threatens to bring down his school, it’s up to Grumbolt to go where no good toy has gone before and prove he’s truly a great toy after all.

This laugh-out-loud read is perfect for kids 7 – 10.

To learn more, check out the Toy Academy website.


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