Dream Big, Build Bigger With Strawbees

As the dark winter months and cold drag on, coming up with new ways to keep kids active and off the couch is always an uphill battle! Parents are always looking for new toys and activities that will inspire kids to turn off the TV, tap into their imaginations and get creative, cue, Strawbees! A simple concept of straws and connectors, but a limitless opportunity for kids, or inventor of any age, to bring their building dreams to life! Read on for more info!  

Dream Big, Build Bigger With Strawbees

The ultimate tinkering toys for young inventors 

Encourage your little one’s boundless curiosity with Strawbees – the award-winning prototyping toy for all ages! Whether they dream of becoming an engineer, scientist or artist, empower your young-at heart inventor. An educational toy that lets you build little to huge mechanical objects from just straws and cardboard, Strawbees is perfect for children who are naturally curious with a desire to create and learn!

Armed with an idea to repurpose IKEA’s lamps plastic waste to create simple connectors that attach to straws and cardboard back in 2011 – Strawbees was born! Committed to the belief that playing and having fun is the best way to learn at any age, the team behind Strawbees created a toy that is easily adapted to a wide range of ages with different projects. Designed to stimulate imagination and encourage storytelling, you can modify things as you go and nothing is destroyed – just modified.

If you know of a young one going through that “why” phase, inspire them to step away from their screens with the creative, problem solving tools from Strawbees:

Inventor Kit

Get creative with this innovative Inventor Kit! With 400 pieces and 21 fun maker projects, you’ll have enough pieces to start inventing bigger projects with your friends!

Making smart toys that help little humans become big inventors!

Tap into your creative spirit, visit https://strawbees.com/ oAmazon.

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