Rethink the Way You Snack in 2018 with Good Zebra

What would you do to not suffer through another mealy, overly sweet, or cardboard-esque protein bar?

For Erika Szychowski, the solution was to create Good Zebra–the world’s first animal crackers made with 12 grams of protein and no refined sugar for the modern, on-the-go family.

“Everyone has fond memories of being a kid and eating animal crackers,” said Szychowski. “We’ve updated the classic treat with a whole new look, an empowering message, and wholesome ingredients, so you can indulge your inner kid while satisfying your hunger.”

Good Zebra’s Good Stuff:

  • 12 grams of protein per 2 ounce serving

  • NO refined sugar – sweetened with only organic honey and coconut sugar

  • All-natural with no artificial ingredients or preservatives

  • Responsibly sourced and Kosher ingredients

  • 11 unique spirit animals inspired by street and tattoo art and each with its own message

  • Available in 3 satisfying flavors: Vanilla, Lemon, and Chai

  • Packaged in a re-sealable zip-top bag for snacking on-the-go or at the office

Szychowski, who has worked as a global branding authority in industries ranging from entertainment to finance, was eager to dive into the snack food marketplace.

“I’ve spent my life helping brands find their voice and problem solve,” said Szychowski. “The snack market is primed for a makeover, and I am dedicated to leading the way with products that are nourishing, delicious, and above all transparent.”

Just as the zebra is only black and white, the brand strives to ensure they are completely transparent in all that they do–from their ingredients to their marketing.

Good Zebra can be purchased at Peet’s Coffee & Tea, as well as online at and Amazon.

About Good Zebra

Good Zebra is a woman-led brand fearlessly striking out to disrupt the snack food industry. Founder and CEO Erika Szychowski is a global branding authority that has worked with a diverse clientele base from The Rolling Stones to the Olympic Games. Her passion for baking and strong brand vision are helping bring these tasty protein bar alternatives to briefcases and backpacks across the nation.


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