10 Must-have Mom Tech Items Under $10


Like most homes these days, my house is full of tech items. As a result, there’s always a search for this cable or that charger… and I find myself always needing more. What was originally a necessity has become somewhat of a hobby – finding the latest and greatest in tech items. Below are not only my picks but also are from a new site I’ve started – EverythingTechGear.com. And to celebrate, I’m giving one reader everything on this list! Details below!
Now, 10 must-have tech items for moms under $10.

1. Selfie Stick
At a certain point, our kids will look back and wonder: where is my mom? How many photos do we moms take and how many are we not in? This selfie stick lets you be in the photo with the family and includes a mirror to make sure you have everyone in the shot!
$9.95 – order the selfie stick here!

2. Portable Battery Operated Charger Key Chain
After a long day of soccer tournament games, I can’t always update the grandparents on the scores as my phone as finally run out of juice! I do love portable chargers, but in a pinch, how great is this battery operated phone charging key chain? If you forget to charge it before you leave the house, no problem!
$4.69 – order the Portable Battery Charger With Key Chain here!

Usb Cable New LED Light Micro USB Cable Charger Data Sync Cord For Android Phones

3. Stylish Charging Cable
Here’s the one thing we always need – charging cables! I have yet to see the elves that steal ours, but they either go missing or start to fray. I love a stylish one for my car charger too!
$5.90 – order the USB Cable Charger for Phones here!

Pig Zinc Alloy usb cable for iPhone 6 5s 7, Rock mascot light cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod charging cable
4. Adorable Charging Cable
Okay – had to add one more! This charging cable put a big smile on my face and having a charger you can name Hammy is all the better! This fun charging cable is great for iPhone 5s, 6, 7, iPads and iPods… and the cute design is sure to make you squeal.
$9.98 – order the Pig Zinc Alloy usb cable here!

Bracelet Phone Charging Cables
5. Bracelet Phone Charging Cables
Need your charging cable handy? Wear it on your wrist or attach it to a backpack or purse! I’m obsessed with these fashionable yet practical phone charging cables! Great for kids and adults!
$4.99 – order your Bracelet Phone Charging Cables here!

waterproof storage bag

6. Portable Waterproof Storage Bag
Ever been at the beach or the pool and want to keep your phone from getting soaked? Check out these portable waterproof storage bags! Store your devices in this waterproof bag to keep them dry. Ideal for the beach, kayaking down a river and to avoid a child spilling water on your phone because you turned away for one second.
$8.99 – order your portable waterproof storage bags here!

Waterproof Phone Case Cover

7. Waterproof Phone Case Cover

If you plan to hit the slopes or opt for the pool party, this protective case is a waterproof pouch that will keep your phone dry. Allowing you to use your camera (great for under water photos), text, update your selfie, etc., this sand, snow and wind resistant phone cover also solves the universal problem of wanting to text while on your floatie.
$6.98 – order your Waterproof Phone Case Cover here!


8. Cable Wire Organizer
For all the cables you need to charge your devices, use this handy cable wire organizer!
Keep your cords organized while remembering some bunny loves you.
$4.99 – order your Cable Wire Organizer here!


9. Universal 2 port USB Wall Charger
Looking to charge more than one device at once? This two port charger is an essential in my big family household!
$5.99 – order your Universal 2 port USB Wall Charger here!


10. Universal USB Dual 2-port Car-charger
Now that my teenager has a phone, we both need to keep our phones charged in the car and this 2 port car charger makes us both smile!
$2.36 – order your Universal USB Dual 2-port Car-charger here!

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  1. Love these gadgets! Always find myself picking something up whether I need it or not!!

  2. Laura Spencer says

    Hammy charging cable is the cutest! Those waterproof bags are pretty awesome too!

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