Take The Stress Out of Summer Travel with These Genius Gadgets!

LulaClips Mall-44It’s summer and you’re on the road again – off to grandma and grandpa’s, a day at the beach or visiting Yosemite. Long road trips with kids can be challenging, from the constant “are we there yet” questions to repeatedly getting them in and out of the car during all the stops. Ease some of that stress with LulaKids products, designed to help keep parents sane and kids safe. LulaKids gives you a hand, literally.

LulaKids makes genius products, one shaped like a cute baby hand, that do away with the hassles of getting into and out of the car. They save time and aggravation. They’re absolutely must haves if you’re driving around an infant, toddler or even a senior.

Getting there used to be half the battle, it’s not anymore with LulaKids!

Check out their innovative lineup:

· LulaClips:

Magnetic car seat clips that keep infant seat straps untangled and where you want them. These childproof necessities also eliminate the danger of a child sitting on a hot metal buckle. They work with plastic buckles too.




· LulaBloc Buckle Holders:

No more searching around for the belt buckle, with LulaBlocs they’re always where you want them. These flexible, yet sturdy holders fit over your belt buckles so they’re upright and easy to find. They make little kids feel all grown up because they can fasten their own seatbelts! They also simplify buckling and unbuckling for seniors.


LulaKids takes the stress out of summer travel, even if it’s just around town, so you can enjoy more precious family time together.




Lula means easy in “Zulu” and that’s what this company is all about: creating innovative products that make life easier for busy parents. Its founders are parents too and understand the struggles. In fact, the inspiration for LulaKids came after one dad saw his son burned by a hot car seat buckle.

For more information visit www.lulakidsbrand.com.

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