Easy Homemade Ice Cream


Ahhh… summer! That strange mix of freedom and, well, boredom! With the warmer weather and the shortage of ideas once you burn out the beach or need the kids occupied as you finish your work day from home (ahem), The Curious Creamery has an adorable solution: easy to make ice cream! Even better? Their “just add milk” (or water or coconut milk or almond milk, etc.) mixes are a healthier option, too! Highlights include:

  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Trans Fat, No Artificial flavors, Colors or Preservatives. Naturally Gluten Free. 0g Lactose
  • Easy DIY Ice Cream Making Kit – NO ICE CREAM MACHINE REQUIRED!
  • Easy prep & clean-up, only takes about 5 minutes!
  • Each pouch makes up to one pint of ice cream.

My batch of chefs whipped up this homemade ice cream on their own and got it ready to serve just in time for after dinner (read: takes 2-4 hours to freeze, so make in the morning or afternoon to enjoy in the evening or the next day!).

234242F6-899B-41D2-BD09-E86F3F206C7FFlavors to choose from include Unflavored Original, Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate. Also available in “premium” are Sweet Cream, Espresso, Strawberry, Birthday Cake and German Chocolate (mmm… who’s hungry?).

Not only was it a fun DIY activity for the kids, The Curious Creamery ice cream is delicious, too! Oh –> and don’t miss their alcoholic ice cream mixes for the parents, too 😉

Prices are a very friendly $1.99 per pouch! To purchase your own, visit: https://shop.thecuriouscreamery.com


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