Conquer Sleeping with Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner


Are you pregnant and need to stay on your side?

Does your partner snore keeping you awake at night? (Or ahem, vise versa?)

Do you have an injury that you need to stay off of while sleeping?

Then the Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner is for YOU! The Rest-Rite sleep positioner is an ingenious product because it can help so many different people, experiencing a vast array of reasons on why they’re not getting a good night’s sleep. Essentially a little “cup” that goes on your back (or the place you need to stay off of), it gently reminds your sleeping body to turn back on it’s side. It’s great for pregnant women (sleeping on your back while pregnant can deplete oxygen flow to the fetus) because it doesn’t move, unlike the horde of pillows that you have stuffed around you. Also, because it’s small, you can still cuddle with your partner.


For those with snoring or sleep apnea issues, sleeping on your side repositions the airways, which will stop the snoring. And because it’s so easy to use, you can even stick it on your partner if they’re snoring in the middle of the night, without them knowing!

As for injuries. . . sometimes we need to stay off a part of the body due to an injury, surgery, etc, and with Rest-Rite, it’s super easy to do. Just stick it on the place you need to keep off of, and voila, your body will sub-consciously roll over.


Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner benefits include:
· Instant relief the second it is applied.
· Small, effective and discreet without the bulk of other sleep positioners.
· Lightweight and comfortable without any straps, Velcro or elastic.
· Made with medical-grade adhesive.
· Made in the U.S.A.

Doze off into a sound slumber with Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner. This special device can be used by anyone who wants to stay off their back at night. It successfully communicates with your unconscious body to position itself the RITE way without interrupting your sleep.

Click here to get a ton of great information on sleep issues and how the Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner can help!

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