Chic Play Mats Designed to Complement Your Home Decor


Play mats are perfect for giving your kids extra cushion for protection, but it can be a challenge when it comes to complementing your home decor. Breezy Mama is drooling over Comfort Design Mats, a smart and stylish solution that allows you to maintain a gorgeous space while keeping things clean and germ-free! The versatile, modern and high quality mats are constructed with non-toxic and durable spongy foam that give families a gorgeous shared space for play, work, and better living.

Comfort Design Mats provide a myriad of exceptional benefits that include:

  •   Modern Designs –Available in a variety of trend-setting patterns and colors to complement any living space.
  •   Safe & Non-toxic –Free of Latex, BPA and PVC. Comfort Design Mats are also hypoallergenic, non-flammable and anti-slip.
  •   Large and Comfortable –6×4 1/2 feet of cushioned padding for playtime, workouts, or relaxation.
  •   Hassle Free Cleaning –The waterproof, one-piece play mats makes it simple to wipe up any mess.
  •    Promotes Healthy Development –Provides infants a soft and protected surface to learn how to crawl, walk on, and strengthen head and neck.


Long lasting and high quality, Comfort Design Mats are a must-have for every family. Perfect for parents, pet owners, apartment living and more, these durable mats can fit everyone’s lifestyle.

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Being a full-time mother to her three children, creator and founder Linda Tong became tired of the cliché colorful play mats that she often had to put away after the kids were done. That’s when she came up with a plan to create effective play mats that not only provide cushioned protection for young children and rough-and-tumble durability for older kids, but could also complement any family’s home with stylish colors and contemporary patterns.

With Comfort Design Mats, parents now have a safe and durable mat that will let their children have fun, prevent injury, and embellish any room.

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