Six tips on how to stop the summer academic slide

Keeping up with their summer reading.

Keeping up with their summer reading.

Breezy Mama’s Lan has your tips for helping kids learn while school’s out! Plus, a Breezy Mama discussion on Fox 5 San Diego yesterday on this topic- see the video below! 

Summer is finally here and it’s tempting to let the kids kick back and enjoy the outdoors after working so hard during the academic year. Unfortunately, with the high expectations schools now have for our scholars, letting them off the hook these next two months may put them at a disadvantage.

“The competitive nature of schools is only increasing as public schools continue to face class overcrowding and elite schools are accepting record low percentages of new students every year,” says Chuck Cohn, founder of Varsity Tutors, which provides access to more than 20,000 experts for private and personalized tutoring. The St.Louis-based company just launched the first-ever mobile live video app chat so kids can reach a tutor anytime, anywhere. “Summers off continue to be one of the most important causes of underachievement in U.S. schools.”

Still, keeping kids sharp and academically engaged doesn’t have to be a chore – for them and you.  Cohn has some tips on how to make learning fun, whether they are in camp, traveling, or just relaxing in the backyard:

Explore your local library. Find out when it is open and how to get a library card. Many libraries even have freesummer programs and offer online books. The library is also a quiet place where students can concentrate on their work and not be distracted by a TV.

Talk with your child’s teacher. Teacher are often more than willing to provide suggestions of grade level books and resources.

Set up a pen pal network. Work with other parents to set up pen pals for the summer and have kids write letters back and forth to practice their reading and writing skills.

Cook with your child. Whether it’s a BBQ or a family gathering, have your child help with preparing the meal. This is a great way to integrate math, reading and following directions.

Read every day. Have you child read at least 20 minutes a day. Many teachers stress how important it is for students to improve their reading and writing during the summer.

Pack the board games. For parents sending kids off to sleep-away camp, slip Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, or another board game that reinforces language or math skills into their luggage. Learning can be more memorable when children are having fun, and odds are high they’ll be grateful for your foresight when they experience their first rainy day.

For more tips, fast forward to the 2 minute mark here:

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