Introducing MEDHERO–the App that Connects You with ER Doctors (plus 50% discount for Breezy readers!)


Picture this–you’re at a friend’s house for a dinner party. The adults are at the table, enjoying conversation, sipping wine, while the kids are playing. All of a sudden, your kid comes running to you, bleeding, because the dog bit him. Stitches are obviously needed, but it’s late, and you’ve been enjoying wine. What do you do?


MEDHERO is a telemedicine and concierge urgent care that uses an app to connect local patients, with any urgent medical need, with one of their local board-certified ER physicians.

Created by Dr. Greg Moreno, a California board-certified emergency medicine physician, MEDHERO is perfect for the patient who can’t make into the doctor’s office, or doesn’t want to make the trek in for something they know they have (i.e. ear infection, bladder infection) and just need a prescription.

The way it works is the patient relays their information and request via the app and is immediately contacted via phone, chat, or video conference, depending on the patient’s preference. Through that encounter, the ER physician determines the level of care necessary. In some cases the telemedicine interaction is all that is necessary to serve the patient and get them what they need (an electronic prescription for example). In others, an exam and/or testing is recommended and is carried out with electronic lab and radiology ordering, and a local office visit (currently, only available in San Clemente, CA) or local housecall (available in South Orange County, CA). Still, in other cases, the ER physician may determine that a certain acute medical issue actually requires the ER and will help facilitate that process, including calling ahead to relay information.

This type of doctor’s visit, called “telemedicine” is fast becoming a go to for patients who are aware of it’s existence and it’s incredible convenience. Technology today has reached a point where doctors can interact with patients in a meaningful way through smartphones that can capture the elements that aid in diagnostic decisions. MEDHERO’s goal is to keep patients out of the emergency room who do not, medically speaking, need to be there, and save local residents hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in ER expenses.

MEDHERO provides it’s app consult services on a fee for service basis. Much like Uber, all transactions occur through the app. This means that not only patients with PPO’s can choose them, but HMO patients who put an emphasis on quality and convenient care, can choose to use them. For patients without insurance, their services can truly be a huge help as they are often the least expensive option for them. Patients can use their insurance for any outside services that they order (prescriptions, lab tests, imaging tests), as well as for their local office visits. All of their cash prices can be found online on their website, and the cost of the initial interaction is less than most ER copays, and on par with most urgent care copays, at $75. Moreover, to get patients comfortable with telemedicine, the first consult for all patients using the app through January 31 is currently 50% off. Just mention you were referred by Breezy Mama, and the discount will be applied at checkout.

Check them out today–because isn’t your time better spent OUTSIDE the ER?

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