Gifts for your Little Ninja

lucky ninja

There’s something about the ninja. . . fast, stealth, good with weapons, and that black outfit that kids just love. My 10-year-old went through a ninja phase when he was about six, and now my daughter is going through it. These items make the phase that much more fun.

Ninja Nesting Dolls

What kid doesn’t like to put things, in things, over and over again? These nesting dolls will be a huge hit–and the fact that they’re ninjas instead of Russian girls will make it that much more fun. Stack them inside one another, or if you, ahem, have a little pack rat, they can store mini trinkets in each doll. $16.16 from Amazon, click here to buy.

the princess in black1

The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party

My daughter fell in love with this book at first read. Perfect for the emerging reader, the font is big, the words are easy, and it’s filled with fun illustrations.  The best part–it’s part of a series, so you can get another to keep that “hook” going. Written by husband/wife duo, Shannon and Dean Hale. Sidenote: My son LOVES the hazardous tales graphic novel series by Nathan Hale, which are based on historical events. I’m trying to figure out if any of these three geniuses are related–anyone know? $8.24 from Amazon, to purchase click here.

ninja mug

Thumbs Up! Ninja Mug

If your kiddos love hot chocolate as much as mine do, they’ll especially appreciate the yummy beverage in this ninja mug. Comes with a little ninja sword which can be used a spoon to stir in that whipped cream. Measuring at 5 by 4.125 by 3.625 inches, it’s the perfect size for little hands. $17.24 from Amazon, click here to purchase.



Samurai Santa, A Very Ninja Christmas

It’s snowing on Christmas Eve and all little ninja Yukio wants to do is have a good old fashioned snowball fight, but none of the other little nijas will do it, for fear of landing on Santa’s naughty list. Yukio decides to take matters in his own hands and chase Santa away from Ninja Village–can he, or will a Samurai Santa thwart Yukio’s plan? An adorable book, with fun illustrations, that will make you want to throw a snowball! $11.37 from Amazon, click here to purchase.

keep calm

Keep Calm and Be A Ninja

Need I say more? This poster is perfect for a ninja lover’s room–especially when it’s meltdown time. All you have to do it point to it and remind them to take a breath. $17.00 from Etsy, click here to order.

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