Is It Good Enough?

Once September hits, life feels like I’m walking a tightrope with me desperately trying to cling to balance. In one fell swoop, school has started, which means a barrage of emails, forms to sign, sports/music/etc. has begun. The breezy days of summer have been replaced with full steam ahead fall and just when I think I have it all together, it’s back to school night! Or minimum day! Or another Evite arrives! And I’m sent over the edge, free falling while trying to grab more coffee on my way down… Lately, every parent I have spoken with is feeling the pressure. And, truthfully, I know that the second I feel like I have the new schedule down, it will be holiday time. This morning on Fox 5 San Diego,  Breezy Mama discussed this topic with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Rachel Goldenhar and Mary of the Mama Mary Show  with advice on how to handle the pressure and reduce the stress. Plus! We discussed whether a 9 year old is too young to have a cellphone and a survey on BabyCenter that said parents are going into debt over trying to be “perfect”. Watch the discussion here:

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  1. Great video. As a full time working mom and the room mom for both kids, I obviously have issues saying no lol. Work in progress!

    We decided on middle school for the phone.

  2. Lol, Stephanie! That’s a full load!!! And I still haven’t gotten my middle schooler a phone, but I think it’s time!

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