Tips For After School Conversation Starters

After School Conversation Starters

When I was growing up, every evening after my dad got home from work he’d ask, “How was your day?” And I always answered, “Fine.” If you find your self equally as frustrated as my father was with my lack of descriptive language, get these fun tips for making after school conversations fun and informative as discussed on Fox 5 San Diego this morning with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Rachel Goldenhar and Mary of the Mama Mary Show. PLUS! If you want to watch the clip, get tips for staying comfortable during pregnancy (hint: you must try 2XU compression tights!) and the interesting discussion we had on the Lammily doll, a.k.a. the doll who gets her period…

Tips for starting after school conversation:

  1. Mary loves to have her kids rate their day on a scale from 1 to 10. No matter the number, she said her daughters (and their friend who carpools!) love to explain why they chose the number they did! It’s a win-win that is fun for everyone.
  2. Make your questions specific. If you want to know more than, “How was your day,” ask questions that will give you the answers you’d like to hear. For example, “What game did you play at recess,” “What book did you read during reading time?,” “What was your favorite thing that happened today?”, etc.
  3. Start the conversation in the car either after school or on your way to sports, etc. Kids feel less intimidated if they are casually being asked questions without the direct eye contact.
  4. Wait until they are ready to talk. As Dr. Goldenhar pointed out, they may be too exhausted right after school to discuss their day, so wait until they are ready. Many times, they feel ready to chat at the end of the evening, which is a great time to do the conversation starters.

Watch the discussion for tips for getting your kids to talk after school, ways to stay comfortable during pregnancy and the new doll who gets her period here:

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