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As I’ve mentioned before, I threw out my back this past January. It was awful–I was laid up for a week and it took a good solid month before I woke up without feeling any pain. During that first week I knew I had to go see a doctor, but I couldn’t move, let alone drive myself. The whole thing was terrible.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve been living life, exercising, etc, all normally until the last couple weeks when I started to feel a nagging pain around my lower back and hip joint. “UGH!” I thought, the last thing I wanted to do was throw out my back, but with crazy summer schedules, fitting a doctor’s appointment in just wasn’t in the cards.

And then I heard about Amwell, a service in which you can see board certified, licensed doctors immediately, day or night, on either your mobile device or desktop computer. Breezy Mama was invited to try the service, and I was all over it. After downloading and signing up, I was able to pick a provider that was available right then–and within five minutes I was talking face to face with Dr. Ingrid Antall. It was amazing! I gave her some background of my back pain, showed her where it was hurting, and she came up with a diagnosis (misalignment of pelvis, which is throwing those ligaments out of whack), gave me exercises and a treatment plan, and even wrote out a referral to see a physical therapist–I just download it from my account. I had already pre-marked my preferred pharmacy, so if I had needed a prescription, Dr. Antall would have been able to email the pharmacy directly. The whole process was pretty amazing–we had a crystal clear connection and could easily see each other. And I was done in ten minutes! No driving to and from the doctor, no waiting rooms–it was fantastic and couldn’t have been easier.


Even better, the service is only $49! A huge savings for my family’s co-pay, and perfect for those pesky illnesses that you can self-diagnose, but need to go in for a prescription. Amwell doesn’t just stop at doctor’s visits, they also offer dietician and therapist sessions as well. Best of all, Amwell wants you to try their service for FREE! Just download the Amwell app and enter the “MOMSLOVEAMWELL” promo code to get your first session free.

If only I had known about Amwell back in January, I would’ve gotten help much sooner. So stop making excuses and try Amwell today–it couldn’t be easier to see the doctor.

I participated in the Amwell blog program as a member of One2One Network. I received compensation but all opinions are my own.

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