5 Tips for Mean Girl Drama


Though it may throw a parent off at first when their daughter or son comes home with tears streaming down their face because of a playground interaction gone wrong, it’s just as important to take your child’s feelings seriously as when an adult friend comes to you with a problem. Breezy Mama joined Clinical Psychologist Dr. Rachel Goldenhar and Family Medicine Specialist Dr. Melinda Silva on Fox 5 San Diego this morning for a discussion on handling “girl drama” (yes, there’s boy drama, too!) as well as the proper age to move from a car seat to a booster and a booster to no booster. Read on for the 5 tips and watch the discussion, too – get it here:

1. Take the time to understand where the child is coming from.
An argument at recess may seem like an insignificant blip in their day, but if it has them emotional, it obviously struck a chord with the child. At young ages, kids are learning to express their emotions and it’s important to nurture those feelings.

2. Check in on their feelings.
Whatever the drama may have been, ask them how it made them feel. Did it make you sad? Angry? And then acknowledge those feelings.

girl_drama3. Give ideas for coping.
Teaching a child to cope when they are upset will be extremely valuable for their emotional well being as an adult! Ask them what would make them feel better – a hug? A walk? And let them work out their emotions.

4. Check out “Smart Girls Guide: Friendship Troubles”
From the American Girl library, this adorable book helps open the dialogue of expressing emotion and learning to deal with drama – click here!

5. Take it seriously.
Be happy your child is comfortable coming to you now with their stresses. Lending an ear of sympathy will set the stage for them to feel encouraged to open up to you in the future.

To watch the discussion on tips for coping with mean girls and for the proper age to move to the front seat and out of a car seat, watch as Breezy Mama joins the “Ask the Moms” segment here:

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