Great Family Game for Travel, Waiting Rooms, Bonding and More!

Ever want to play a family game that won’t lock you in for hours of commitment (Monopoly, anyone?)? Or have something that’s easy to toss in your purse to have handy in the pediatrician waiting room? On that long car or airplane ride? Or how about a fun way to decide who gets the last slice of pizza?

Check out the adorable RPS Revolution, a fun take on the traditional Rock, Paper, Scissors with adorable collectible figures!

“On the count of 3, (instead of rock, paper, scissors), show your KNIGHT, PRINCESS, or DRAGON!”

c394c9b3c75154818d2df37e8339c9fe_originalWho will the other player show? Who will win? Only time will tell!

Kathy Craig is a mom of three who was inspired to create the game based on all the above! Wanting a fun way to decide family matters, but also to be able to play a quick after dinner game, she decided to create RPS Revolution.

The game is now taking pre-orders and is only $15 for two sets of the Magical Kingdom figures (that’s 6 collectible figures!) plus free shipping in the US!

Pre-order yours on her Kickstarter page and help make the game a reality!

To order, visit:

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