5 Social Media Tips Every Mom Should Know

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Social media is obviously here to stay and, yet, it’s strange parenting on a topic that we didn’t grow up with! Breezy Mama got to chat with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Rachel Goldenhar and Family Medicine Specialist Dr. Melinda Silva on Fox 5 San Diego to discuss this topic and below are 5 tips for keeping kids safe online and the video of the discussion! (Psst… and we discuss parenting with two languages and tips for growing pains!)

1. Know what sites your child is going on.
Seems like a no-brainer, but new social media sites are popping up daily and we parents are generally the last to know (in fact, Facebook is dead to most kids after we became fans… ahem…). Talk to your kids about the sites they are going on and limit their access. For example, let them know they can go on social media, but you choose the approved sites.. or they risk losing their phone, Kindle, computer access, etc.

2. Keep the accounts private.
Make sure to check the settings on their social media accounts and that they are “private” users, meaning not any adult, stranger, heckler, etc. can see their posts. In addition, make sure they aren’t posting their exact locations until they are no longer there to ensure their safety in the event a predator might be monitoring their whereabouts.

3. Know who their “friends” are.
These days, people can be more concerned with quantity over quality. In other words, kids care more about how many “followers” they have over who the followers actually are! Keep an eye on the friend requests your child is accepting and let them know it’s okay to block access to anyone who is cyber-bullying them.

4. Monitor their posts.
Sharing a photo in the privacy of one’s home can especially seem like only a few people might see it. Make sure your kids are aware how far reaching the Internet can truly be! Not only monitor what they are posting, but also what is being posted by their friends on your child’s pages.

5. Never let them share their passwords.
The only person who should know your child’s social media passwords are you and them. Sharing their passwords with other can allow others to “hack” their accounts and post on their behalf!

Watch the discussion of preventing Cyberbullying, raising a multi-lingual child and for tips on growing pains here:

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