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I’m not one to be obsessed with my weight, but every few years I realize that it’s time to scale back and lose a few pounds. This usually hits around January 1st (of course) and my usual go-to is Weight Watchers. I’ve done the Weight Watchers programs for years, with fantastic results, and I love that it’s easy to stick to and you can still manage to have your favorite foods.

So as January 1st rolled around, I was ready to eat a bit healthier (ahem, no more happy hour appetizers with the family) and get into shape. But, I threw out my back. Now I realize that this has no impact on my eating habits, but I couldn’t move–so working out went out the window. I needed help, and I needed to kick start my resolution into gear. That’s when I learned about the 2PLUS2 Weight Loss Program.

Developed by Dr. Nitya Sharma, 2PLUS2 substitutes your breakfast and lunch with a delicious shake, plus offers you two snack bars to munch on throughout the day. You can have unlimited veggies and 1-2 servings of fruit per day. Dinner consists of a healthy meal you cook on your own. Studies show that meal replacement programs result in success (In fact, in the latest U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Diets” report–a low calorie meal replacement plan came in second place.) But what really sets 2PLUS2 apart from other diet plans is the fact that you have access to a nutritionist 24/7 via email, and you can register for weekly nutritionist-led meetings that you attend via Go Meeting. These are super cool–you watch a slideshow on that meeting’s topic, and can “raise your hand” to ask a question, or send the nutritionist a question via the chat option.

So I gave it a go with their two week “Jumpstart” program. I tried both the vanilla and chocolate shakes, which were quite tasty. I’d also blend them with fruit, or add a carrot to get even fuller. The bars were super yummy–I had to hide them from the kiddos because they wanted to eat them! I was doing really well until day four and five–that’s when the hunger hit, but I made it through both those days and was fine for the rest of the time.

After the first two weeks, you then start Phase 2, “Transition” in which you replace only one meal with a shake, have one bar as a snack, and cook two healthy meals on your own. You can still have unlimited vegetables and 1-2 servings of fruit per day.

When my first two weeks were done, I had lost six pounds. Not bad for someone with a bad back that’s barely moving!

For more information, visit the 2PLUS2 site by clicking here.

*I was given a complimentary two week trial of 2PLUS2. All opinions are my own.

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