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As we enter the busiest shopping season of the year, Breezy Mama is thrilled to offer you an exclusive 50% off (plus free shipping!) on Bluetooth enabled, wireless speakers from Beacon Audio!

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 About the speakers:

Quality Sound Meets Convenient Portability
Enjoy portable, 360-degree sound wherever you are with Beacon Audio
Get premium sound and quality without paying premium prices. Beacon Audio’s compact, wireless speakers give you full-range, 360-degree sound wherever the music takes you.
Beacon Audio believes listening to music is an emotional experience. To them, sharing music is more than just sharing a song; it’s sharing your soul. This connection provides the catalyst for some of life’s most memorable moments.
Whether it’s the thrill of a rooftop party or the intimacy of a sunrise, Beacon Audio’s mission is to enable you to become immersed in the moment. Wherever, whenever, and however the feeling strikes you, Beacon’s portable Bluetooth speakers will stream the soundtrack to your life.
The Blazar is a sleek blend of technology and modern design. While this compact speaker is a powerhouse all on its own, the Dual Stereo pairing capability allows you to achieve true stereo sound when two Blazars are paired together. The Silver and Deep Graphite tones of the Blazar’s single-piece, extruded aluminum housing blurs the line between playful and professional, making it perfect for your home or office.
The Phoenix 2 is the ultimate portable music companion. Measuring 3in and weighing less than 4oz, the Phoenix 2 will never hinder, only enhance your on-the-go lifestyle. Beacon offers the Phoenix 2 in Beacon Blue, Frenzy Red, Ashen Black and Siberian White so you can express yourself through more than just your music. The Phoenix 2 is proof that big things still come in small packages.
The side-address speaker design of both the Blazar and the Phoenix 2 produces multi-directional sound for a true 360-degree listening experience. The full-range sound of these speakers is achieved through two drivers and incorporated passive bass radiator sub-woofer. The four-button surface of each speaker allows you to effortlessly connect and control your Bluetooth device, and stream sound from up to 35 ft away from its source. The built-in mic gives both the Blazar and the Phoenix 2 speakerphone functionality, allowing you to answer, adjust call volume and hang up at the touch of a button. And to top if off, the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous play. Striking the balance between power and portability, Beacon Audio has established themselves as a forward thinking, design oriented company.

To purchase your Bluetooth enabled, wireless speaker from Beacon Audio for 50% off  plus free shipping, use code breezy50 when you click here!

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