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Another part of my very rough (cough, cough) day of interviewing the cast of Nicholas Sparks’ new movie, The Best of Me (you heard about James Marsden, right?), was getting to meet the hit group Lady Antebellum! The trio sat down with a group of us bloggers to discuss penning a song for the movie, what Charles Kelley’s wife thinks of all his heart ache songs, how their new album rebels against their role as parents and more. Honestly, some of the nicest people Breezy Mama has EVER met! Here’s what went down with the “Need You Now” singers, a.k.a. Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley, who created a song for The Best of Me soundtrack…

How well-versed were you with the Nicholas Sparks [who wrote The Best of Me] universe prior to your involvement?

Mr. Charles Kelley:
We’ve all cried at “The Notebook,” if that’s what you’re asking.

Mr. Dave Haywood: Charles and I had watched it together, actually, one time, so–.

Mr. Charles Kelley: –And it does seem like a good fit, when they had reached out to us about it. It was like, “Write a love song? Done.”

You know, we love it because, I think some of our biggest songs, like “Just a Kiss,” or “Need You Now,” or “That Kind of Love,” “Heartbreak,” but that yearning. And it felt like a good fit.

And it was the first time that we had ever been given a script and the synopsis of the movie, and had to write to it. So, it was actually really challenging, but in a good way.

I think it ended up being kind of easier to write that way because you don’t having to sit there, search for what are we going to write about today.
It’s like, “Well, here you go. Here’s what you’re writing about.” So, it was fun.

What was it about the script that touched you and that you really wanted to get across in this song?

Ms. Hillary Scott: I mean, just the story just being about just true love, and decades going by, but then them rekindling that love.

Mr. Charles Kelley: –The warm and fuzzies.

Ms. Hillary Scott: The warm and fuzzies.

So, how do they do it? Like, your songs break my heart. And I’ll be in the car, and I’ll just keep crying.

Ms. Hillary Scott: Oh, thank you. We started as a writing team. And we just creatively click.

And I think one of the things that everybody wants and strives for is to find that love, their soulmate, that relationship. And you’re either looking for them, or you’ve lost them and you’re missing them.

You try to incorporate all of those emotions and feelings into a song.

Mr. Charles Kelley: I don’t know why we write about it so much, though. My wife always asks me, because we’ve written a lot of nostalgic songs, just songs like “Dancin’ Away with My Heart,” which is about lost love. And she’s like, “We’ve been married for five years.”

Ms. Hillary Scott:
“Are we okay?”

Mr. Charles Kelley:
“Do you have anything you need to tell me? It’s like, are you yearning for your past love?” But, no, I think it’s just something we can all relate to. And for some reason, that happens to be a natural tendency for us as a group. I don’t know why.

Mr. Charles Kelley: Hairy Dawson, like that.

Well, in addition to your work on the film, you guys also have a new album, “747,” so congratulations on that.

Ms. Hillary Scott: Yes, thank you.

Mr. Charles Kelley:
Thank you. We worked with a new producer, Nathan Chapman, and he freshened up our sound a lot. And the songs we chose, too, like songs like “Bartender,” just they seemed a little edgier than stuff maybe we had kind of fallen into. And so, I don’t know.

Ms. Hillary Scott: And we didn’t feel like our music had to reflect our personal life either, because we’re all married. And when we started as a band–.

Mr. Charles Kelley: –We all talk about babies the whole time.

Ms. Hillary Scott: I’m a mom, and Dave just had a little boy. So it doesn’t have to reflect that. You still have those other parts of who you are that you can talk about.

And that’s what I loved about “Bartender,” because there’s plenty of nights that I feel like, “Man, I need to go forget about life because Eisele has been a hard child to parent today,” or whatever.

Mr. Charles Kelley: That child is never a hard child. That is the sweetest…

Ms. Hillary Scott: No, she’s awesome. But, I just loved that, being able to come out with a song like that that’s sassy, and it’s about kind of taking your heartbreak by the horns, and going, “Okay, I’m not going to drown in it. And I’m going to go drown in something to get up.”

Watch this touching video with Lady Antebellum’s song, “I Did With You” in The Best of Me here:

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  1. Lalita Malone says

    I loved Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, I Run to You by Lady Antebellum, and my favorite flower is a simply happy sunflower. Sunflowers always brighten any room.

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    The Notebook is still my favorite Nicholas Sparks book. I’m a sap 🙂

  3. Long Stretch of Love by Lady Antebellum is one of my favorite songs!

  4. I love Nicholas Sparks books and I LOVE Lady Antebellum!! I’ve seen them in concert a couple of times and they are awesome!

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    I love The Notebook, and just about any Sparks book. The bouquet is beautiful!! It would look so perfect on my table, while I sat reading and listening to Lady Antebellum…I can just about see it now…..

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