Mom Approved Skin Care Products for Eczema, Every Day and More


Breezy Mama reader, Crissy, needed a solution for her daughter’s eczema. Through her search, she not only found a solution, but a brand that was great for every day skin care for moms and kids! Read on for her story…

From Crissy:
I found an amazing company dedicated to getting safe products into the hands of everyone! We stared using Beautycounter because Sammy, our 11 year old daughter, has always suffered from severe eczema. We started using the Body Wash, Hydrate Lotion and Lustro Body Oil because they are free from toxic chemicals and are made from only the safest ingredients. We were blown away how well her skin responded to the products!

IMG_7261Here are a few facts…

– The last time the US passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients used in personal care products: 1938
– Europe bans 1300 ingredients in their personal care products. The US bans 11.
– Currently, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. – Exposure to toxic chemicals in our daily lives, including those found in personal care products, may play a role in the increase in serious health issues.
– The current generation of US children are the first to be sicker and die younger than their parents.

As for my favorite products….It’s hard to choose ONE thing (or even a FEW things) to share because, honestly, I LOVE everything! My favorite product is the #1 Lustro Face Oil. It is made from pure plant based oils and is incredibly healing for the skin. It leaves my skin smooth and hydrated, which as you know, that can be a challenge in the desert [where we live]. Combined with Countertime anti-aging products, my skin has never been healthier!

We love the Kids’ Counter line – especially the body wash and shampoo. Secondly, Sammy loves the Essential Soothing Face Wash, Rosewater and Day Cream. Beautycounter has helped her create a daily routine of taking care of her “tween” skin!

Like I mentioned before, we all love Beautycounter for what it does for our skin and our health. We are protecting ourselves from harmful chemicals found in other personal care products. We think every little bit helps!

To get your own products and to learn more, visit

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