5 Secrets for Ending Bed Wetting


Low and behold you are finally done with middle of the night feedings but NOW are being woken up because your child wet the bed! Scrambling in the middle of the night to change sheets, your child’s pj’s and throwing in a load of wash can throw your whole next day off. Breezy Mama joined Mary of the MamaMaryShow and Dr. Melinda Silva on Fox 5 San Diego this morning to discuss my favorite tips on how to stop a child from wetting the bed!

1. Stop all liquids two hours before bed.
Sure, your child will beg for water and you will feel you are officially dehydrating them, but that’s why you will make sure they get their drinks in early! Two hours or so before bed, don’t let them sip anything and remind them why!

2. Have them use the potty as part of the bed time routine.
Just like you will brush their teeth, also make sure they use the potty. Add it into the nighttime routine just before reading them a book and their empty bladder will help everyone sleep better!

3. Make sure the path to the potty isn’t scary.
Is it too dark to get to the bathroom? Make sure to leave the hall light on and have nightlights in the bathroom and the hallway so that it’s not too dark when they are trying to get to the bathroom. Making it easy for them not only to find their way to the bathroom, but also less scary, is your best bet for getting them to the potty before any accidents.

4. Talk to your pediatrician.
If your child wasn’t wetting the bed prior, but all of a sudden starts to, find out if they are stressed out or perhaps an incident happened at school. If all seems to be okay, also check with your pediatrician because an on set of bed wetting might be triggered by an infection.

5. Have your child change their own sheets.
Once you have taken care of steps 1-4, you may find that your child LIKES getting your attention in the middle of the night! If you are feeling confident that they are wetting the bed when they know better, put them in charge of changing their own sheets! Keep a clean pair by their bed and have them load the washing machine in the morning. You will be surprised how quickly the bed wetting ends!

For more tips on how to stop a child from wetting the bed — PLUS! — tips for single moms introducing their kids to their boyfriend’s kids and when it’s okay for teens to lift weights, watch this short video clip:

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