It’s Back! Breezy Mama’s Sunscreen Review


These bathing beauties will stay beautiful–because their moms diligently slather them in sunscreen.

Living at the beach, with my kiddos constantly outside, I’m always looking for the newest in sunscreens. I try my best to purchase those with as few chemicals as possible, and strive for a high zinc and/or titanium dioxide percentage. Here are five that fit the bill—each has been tested—at the beach, on the soccer field, the playground, and every day life, protecting me and my family to the fullest.


5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen, SPF 30

I am loving this product—it’s scored #1 by the EWG 2013 Sunscreen Guide for Safety and Efficacy and has won the Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2013 for Natural Wonder, as well as Best Sun Cream by UK’s Natural Health Magazine. The formula comes in several different tints, so you’ll find the right one to match your skin tone. It goes on easily and smoothly and acts as a beauty balm—treating, hydrating, protecting and is a primer. It also has a zinc oxide level of 20%! Their sunscreen for body is also great. This isn’t waterproof, so you’ll have to use something different if you’ll be at the pool or beach. $45.00, click here to buy.


Sunscreen for Baby, SPF 30

Full of natural ingredients (it’s been certified 100% natural by the Natural Products Association (NPA)), this sunscreen is great to use on all ages. Melansol is full of antioxidants, like green tea, so it helps the body to neutralize the free radicals that accumulate in skin during sun exposure. The lotion does leave a bit of a white residue when rubbing in, but when using on children, I like to see where I’ve covered. My son has been using this at skate camp (i.e. fours hours in the sweltering heat), and it’s protected wonderfully. It has a titanium dioxide of 10% and is water resistant for up to 40 minutes. Best of all, MelanSol is tear-free and absorbs and starts protecting the moment it’s applied, allowing for immediate fun in the sun. $24.99, Click here to buy (and for a FREE sample!).


Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30

Extrashade was created for those with darker complexions. Even though you may have extra melanin in your skin, you can still suffer irritation from UV radiation. Extrashade is “photostable” which means it protects from the sun, and hydrates and nourishes your skin. Because the formula is made for darker skin, there’s no zinc or titanium dioxide in it; however, though my skin is light to medium, I’ve been using it and haven’t been burned at all. It’s also water resistant for 80 minutes. One interesting note—it’s full of naturals—coconut, ginger, kiwi, passion flower— all of which are used to control and enhance the effects of Melanin, resulting in alluring dark skin tones, but has absolutely no scent. Great for those of you who don’t like that “sunscreen smell”. $39.99, Click here to buy.



Sunscreen Moisturizer, SPF 30

Made to act like a lotion, SkinAuthority’s formula rubs in easily, with absolutely no white residue, and a velvety feeling is left on your skin. The result is so luxurious; it has been named an Allure Magazine’s Editors’ Choice. It’s “dry finish” also makes it ideal for wearing under makeup. SkinAuthority also features AOX Technology™, which combines essential vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids to help skin regenerate and renew. Between $10.00 – $42.00, click here to buy.



Ageless Protection, SPF 30

Eraclea was designed to be a moisturizing sunscreen to hydrate the face while protecting it from the sun. The light-weight formula is easy to rub in, with no sticky residue. With a zinc oxide of 6.4%, it’s great to use as a daily moisturizer, and it’s light enough to wear under makeup. But what’s really interesting is the research that has gone on in making the product. “Named the HylaSponge®System, it acts like a “second skin” and hydrates the skin’s surface layer (stratum corneum) and maintains movement of water, biologically active ingredients, and small water-soluble molecules toward the skin’s deeper layers. The HylaSponge®System continues to retain and deliver water and soluble ingredients even when it feels dry on the skin.” $40.00, click here to buy.


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  1. Any lower-cost options for us cheapskates out there who go through sunscreen by the gallon in the summer? These are all great but super $$$$!

  2. Great article! I haven’t heard of any of those products before. I want to try the MelanSol babies for my boys and myself. I love the picture of the beach babes.

  3. Do any of these come in a spray form, or are sprays not recommended? Thx!

  4. Gina–None of these particular ones come in a spray. If you’re looking for a chemical free sunscreen spray, try Coola:

    Cyndi–I know, the price gets you, but I have yet to find an organic sunscreen that has a low cost. You can try Coppertone’s Pure & Simple–it comes in a pink bottle and has relatively few chemicals in it.

  5. I’ve heard this one is great- and it’s 100% zinc but non-whitening.

  6. Sorry- that’s 21% zinc!

  7. Michelle–Thanks for the tip–I’ve heard great things about Green Beaver, but have yet to try it. Great price point as well!

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