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Our desire for a cozy Breezy Mama hoodie got the boutique in action!

Back in 2009, Alex and I fell head over heels in love with the idea of a seahorse as Breezy Mama’s official logo. Next up, we turned to an artist – not a graphic artist, but a straight up pencil to paper sketch artist – to create it for us. From the detail she created to the colors to even the eyelashes, we were beyond thrilled and Breezy Mama was officially official. And, at long last, we are so very excited to offer products with our water loving friend!


Complete with handles on the lid (!), this travel mug keeps my coffee just the right temperature for hours!

From the coffee travel mug (my personal fav!) to sweatshirts, onesies and more, be sure to check out the Breezy Mama Boutique powered by Cafe Press!


Oh, how we covet these adorable pajamas!

Check out the Shop Breezy Gear at the top of Breezy Mama or click here!

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