My Missing Brother: Preview of Show Airing June 8


Cameron, me, Christopher and Curtis circa late 80’s.

The episode of LAST SEEN ALIVE following my brother Curtis and me working with a detective to find our missing brother Cameron Remmer airs on Discovery ID on Sunday, June 8 at 9/8c. Read on to watch a clip and for why we participated…

Every day my brother Cameron Remmer would call me. And my mom. And his dad. And my brother Christopher. And my brother Curtis. Sometimes more than once. Then, Cameron and I had a falling out. My intuition was telling me something was wrong with him after seeing some unusual behavior and I really wanted him to seek mental health. He wouldn’t. And I was attempting to exercise “tough love.”

Now, each time he’d call, because even though I was mad at him, he still checked in on me, I would ask: Will you see a psychiatrist? Have you stopped drinking? etc. etc. So, he started calling my husband instead of me. Though Cameron and I were barely on speaking terms because I really wanted him to get psychological help, I knew in my heart he was calling my husband to still check in on me. Eventually, he was diagnosed as bipolar with psychoses which explained the times something “seemed off.” Like always, he still called. Every day. This is a guy who truly loves his family and his family truly loves him.

On October 6, 2011, Cameron called my sister-in-law Kim to wish her a happy birthday. He never called anyone in his family again.


Cameron is and always will be my little buddy. Photo: 1991

After three 5150 psychiatric holds over the course of the previous past couple of years prior to that day due to manic episodes, that October we once again knew Cameron was off his medication that regulated his mood, kept his brain working correctly, if you will, as he told our brother Curtis he wasn’t taking them anymore. Though we braced ourselves to wait for a moment where we could get him checked into a psychiatric facility again (since he is an adult, he would need to be a threat to others or himself before we could do so, as we learned from the previous times we had tried), we had no idea that he would simply disappear. And when someone calls each one of his family members every single day, then suddenly stops, it’s rather alarming.

It didn’t take long to realize something was seriously wrong. A couple of his amazing friends immediately headed up to San Francisco (since Cameron was there on business) from San Diego to post flyers everywhere. My brother Christopher drove up from Orange County. Soon my brother Curtis flew in from Colorado. Cameron’s dad drove up from Fallbrook. My husband and I flew in from San Diego.

A family who started Justice for Jeremy after they tragically lost their son to bipolar disorder, got in touch with my family through Facebook and helped us put together an organized search. With friends and family, we blanketed the city with flyers, retracing his last known steps. Something in my gut told me he just wasn’t there… not that day anyway.

After agonizing efforts and the pain of not knowing if he is safe, had a mental break down, was hurt or even alive, we exhausted ourselves with every possible avenue in trying to find him. People often ask, did you check his bank accounts. Yes. Did you monitor his credit cards? Yes. Did you look at his cell phone activity? Yes. Again, we exhausted our efforts.

Days of not knowing turned into weeks, then months… then two years. Not a single sighting, hint or clue.

Then a production company working for Investigation Discovery called my mom, then me and then my brother Curtis. They were starting a new show that looks for adults that have gone missing. In exchange for going on camera, they would provide us with a free investigator who could potentially offer new information on Cameron and even possibly find him.


To my family, Cameron missing now is just as serious as if he were missing as a baby. Unfortunately for us, adult cases are not given the same urgency or attention. Even for the mentally ill.

Feeling like we were at a dead end, blocked in the corner, this was finally a potential way to help us out and hopefully find Cameron.

All the old feelings, emotions, mind numbing pain that we had “compartmentalized” to keep ourselves sane from not knowing where the person we love with all our hearts could be and if he’s okay for over two years came rushing back.


A more current photo of Cameron with one of the many nieces (and nephews) who miss him terribly.

But Curtis and I headed to San Francisco for five days and worked with detective Tom Klatt, while trailed by a camera man and crew. Did we find Cameron? No. But a lot of mysteries, theories, etc. were put to rest. In some ways, we are left with more questions. What we did find will air on Last Seen Alive on Sunday, June 8th, 9/8c.

My family hopes that someone, somewhere will see it and, ideally, tell us where to find Cameron. Or have the heart to tell us he’s okay. Though it would be amazing to start getting his phone calls again, even better would be to finally give him a huge hug.

Here’s a clip of the show that will air Sunday on Investigation Discovery:


  1. I will definitely be watching, Chelsea — continuing to pray for you and your family!

  2. Thank you, Kathy. XO

  3. Heather says:

    I marked my calendar – hoping to see Cam again. Thanks for sharing the pictures, I LOVE the 80s one of you all!

  4. We will definitely be watching. Hope the airing of this generates something to help you guys. Love you Mama! xoxoxo

  5. Thank you, Heather 🙂 And thank you, too, Laura – love you!!!

  6. Cameron’s disappearance is heart breaking. I’m so sorry and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I only saw him on occasion as an adult, but remember him so fondly as a cute and charismatic little kid! I’ll be watching too.

  7. Thank you, Kelley – very sweet. He is such a great guy and I hope this helps us find him. XO


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