5 Green Hip Products We Love

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Remember when we were growing up and “she’s so granola” pretty much had a quasi-negative connotation? And now, not only are Birkenstocks actually in style, but more than ever are we conscious of taking care of our planet. That being said, can we be environmentally friendly without looking like we are desperate to fit in at Coachella? Breezy Mama was on a quest to find green hip products that are good to Mother Nature AND items we adore.

Big Buddha Bags
It’s officially impossible to find me without my Big Buddha Ibiza bag (photo at top) by my side. As I drool over the stylish tassles that make me smile or the adorable lining, I feel so, well, granola, knowing the entire line is under $100 and is 100% vegan leather. With so many colors, prints and styles to choose from, you will be so happy to do your part to save our planet.
For more information, visit: http://www.bigbuddha.com


Stack Wine
Now that you know on one arm will be my bag, the other will have my Stack Wine in hand. I am officially OBSESSED. In fact, when it came to the difficult task of actually tasting the portable, re-usable, BPA-free wine in a cup, I texted a photo to my brother and sister in law asking if they would help. The response? “We’ll be there in 5 minutes.” Even better than an easy to travel with wine option is the fact that there’s just those times I want only ONE glass of wine without opening an entire bottle, and these individually sealed “cups” are the perfect solution. And guess what? Our taste testing party thought the $12.99 wine was delicious, too!
For more information, visit: http://drinkstack.com/

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Planet Shoes
Moving onto our feet, Planet Shoes prides themselves on their wide selection of eco-friendly and vegan brands. As they say, “We help customers make healthy choices for themselves, the environment and the community. Our goal is to provide a shopping experience you can feel-good about.” My personal pick for feeling good? The Miz Mooz in red (as seen in the photo!).
Find your favorite pair at: http://www.planetshoes.com

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Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat
If you are going to do the exercise that makes you feel one with the earth, you may as well be earth-friendly, too! Check out Natural Fitness’ selection of Eco Smart Yoga mats. After all, as they say, ” If you are going to get up close and personal with your yoga mat bowing in a child’s pose or scooping into an upward dog, you better make sure the mat doesn’t contain any harmful or toxic chemicals.”
To see their products, visit: http://www.naturalfitnessinc.com

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Dried Organic Fruit snacks

If I’m being honest, all this “yoga” talk has made me quite hungry, yet I’m afraid to eat now that we know the US has too much sugar in our food. Thankfully, Sweetie Pie organics has tasty organic fruits and vegetables! Freeze dried to preserve natural taste, they say,” there is truly nothing added, which makes our snacks 100% fruits and veggies!” Yum!
To learn more, visit: http://www.sweetiepieorganics.com/

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