5 Tips for Managing Homework


Here we are, people! Home stretch until summer! However, for me personally, we still have 8 (very) long weeks of making lunches, carpooling, trying to find parking at school pick up and, well, the (in my house) dreaded homework! As we embark into the final countdown, here are some tips on the best approach for getting your kids to do their homework, how to balance your time when you have more than one child who needs help with their school work and more from Breezy Mama’s appearance on Fox 5 News San Diego this morning.

1. Set aside a specific time to do the homework.
If your child knows that from 3-4, for example, the focus will be on doing their homework, they are less likely to ask to watch TV, etc. And, well, when they do, you can point to the clock and remind them it’s still time to apply themselves.

2. Start earlier.
I know this is tough to achieve with play dates, sports, etc., but truly the best time in my house to do homework is pretty soon after school. Because I do have two girls in soccer, a son playing baseball and two kids taking guitar lessons, not to mention play dates, this doesn’t always work out! The earlier we start, the more focused they are (and the faster the work gets done!) though. So, the days my individual kids don’t have activities, I have them get their work done earlier in the day.

3. Make sure they are fed.
Hungry kids (and moms!) are grumpy kids, so a nice little snack will help them focus.

4. Ask for help.
Parents can only do so many things at once, so if you are like me and feel overwhelmed at times trying to help with all the homework, ask for some help! In my case, our 5th grade neighbor was helping my Kindergarten daughter with her homework (I offered to pay her, but her mom insisted she work only for snacks ;). On days in general, after I was exhausted from helping out, my husband would take over for the reading portion. And of course there is also the option to hire a tutor to come 1-2 days a week if you feel it’s a fit.

5. Set aside space specifically for their studies.
If you have more than one child, kids can distract each other. If it’s possible, have them study in separate rooms. In my house, I have one kid at the kitchen island, another in the dining room and a third at a desk in the living room. In fact, they do this on their own so I know they appreciate the space!

For more tips on helping kids with homework, watch the segment on Fox 5 news in the video below. PLUS! Advice on how to talk to boys and knowing when a child’s “tick” is normal or a sign of something wrong. Get it all here:

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