5 Ways to Get Your Son Excited About Reading


Perhaps you have a son who was born loving to read. Then, well, stop reading here. For me, I was struggling with getting my boy to enjoy the feeling of diving into a great book. Though he has always loved to hear a story read to him, it’s now that he’s 7 that I was finding it hard to get him just as excited about reading on his own as my daughter naturally is. Hence, Breezy Mama turned to… well… Breezy Mama! After asking Alex which books for boys she recommends based on what her son has been loving, I also learned some great tips along the way.

1. Get books that are written about subjects your son is interested in. Seems like a no-brainer, but the second I got suggestions from Alex as to what her son was reading, the flood gates seemed to open and my son suddenly can’t put books down! See some great book options for boys below!

2. Make sure the book is at their reading level. If you get carried away with a topic they are interested in by simply getting any book that covers it, you may turn them off from reading by selecting a book that is too difficult! First, find out their reading level from their teacher (generally around 2.2 – 3.2 AR at this age). Second, check ARBOOKFIND.com, enter the book title and gauge whether it’s your son’s level.

3. Set goals. Maybe they are more into video games or movies. Find a book about their favorites, have him read it and then buy the game for him after or go see the movie together. Knowing he will work toward what HE wants to do will accidentally have him fall in love with reading along the way.

4. Never use reading as punishment. Keep it fun and never a scenario such as “if you don’t clean your room, you will have to read…” It should always be you GET to read!

5. Discuss the book! Knowing someone will want to know what happened next not only gets them excited to tell the story again, but helps with reading comprehension, too.

Top Books For Boys in Elementary School:

books_for_boys1. Clueless McGee Series

2. Carl Bowen Based Books on Military Expeditions

3. A graphic novel on Abe Lincoln

4. The Jack Stalwart Series

5. The Boxcar Children Series

6. Marvin Redpost Series

7. The Ninja Meerkat Series

8. Wildwood Series

Do you have any suggestions on how to get boys to love to read? Tell us in the comments below!

Watch this short clip from Fox 5 San Diego with Breezy Mama discussing ways to get your son excited about reading, why your baby is fussy at 6pm and when to RSVP “no” to birthday parties:

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  1. Yay! Thanks! #2 loves to read and will be passing #1 up here soon if I don’t find a way to get #1 to love it! We don’t have most of the ones you mentioned above- going to get my hands on them- thanks!

  2. That’s great, Kelson! I’m glad Alex will need more books soon since her son is through most of this list– I will keep you posted on more to come, too (as I will definitely be asking her)!

  3. Your second point that you make is so true–I tend to get carried away with getting books that I think my son will be interested in, but then they’re too advanced and he gets frustrated. Just this morning he told me that he didn’t like a book I chose because the pages were too long. I opened it up and noticed that the font was small, and it was a longer format (say 7″ tall instead of 5″). He showed me how in the Geronimo Stilton books the words are “fun” because the author uses different fonts and colors. This really opened up my eyes–now I know what else to look for in a book when picking new ones for him–font size and page length!

  4. I don’t have a son yet – still pregnant with him! – but this is something I’ve already thought about. My husband struggled a lot with reading and it really affected his self-esteem, so I love seeing positive tips like these. p.s. I LOVED the Boxcar Children!

  5. Love that advice, Alex – thank you! And Amelia – congrats on your pregnancy – very exciting! And I love that YOU are a Boxcar Children fan!

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