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I’m the type of traveler that can never remember the exact names of the places that I’ve been. For example, when I was in Australia, I had the most amazing breakfast of my life. The meal was simple—poached eggs on buttered sourdough toast—but it has made an impact on me that will never be forgotten. The meal, the view from our table, the friendly waitress who served us—all of it gets chalked up into that fantastic dish. Though I remember the meal fondly, I can’t remember the restaurant or town I was in to save my life. So when people are traveling to the Gold Coast of Australia, I start the story, “I had the most amazing breakfast when I was there,” but that’s where it stops. I wish I could have had the NOTED Places app at that time.

NOTED Places is today’s equivalent of a digital travel scrapbook – a place to keep track of places you want to remember, anytime, anywhere. Users “note” tips on where to go in the moment they read or hear about them. NOTED Places allows people to store all these places in one place, curate them over time, find them easily when they want to try one out, plan a trip, or share them with friends.

The app was created by Tiffany Winter and Oliver Laubsher–two self-called travel junkies who are always thinking of their next trip and the places they wanted to try out. “As we went about our day-to-day life, we would hear or read about must-go’s in various places around the world,” Tiffany said. “We found ourselves scribbling them on napkins, or more often in our iPhone notes, only to lose or forget them. We created NOTED Places so those lost travel notes would be a thing of the past. With this app, we (and others like us) can now build our own travel guides with the best places to eat, stay and play.”

How NOTED Places works:

Save – Add a place to remember and the address, contact number, URL and photos automatically appear.

Personalize – Add your own photos, tags and comments to remind you why you noted places and help you categorize them better.

Search – Find notes quickly by name, category, location, tags and where you heard the recommendation from.

Map – View your notes plotted on a map, which makes it easy to see what places are nearby you.

Share – Share your notes with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email and text. If a friend (who has downloaded NOTED Places) asks for the best Japanese restaurants in the area, just send them a link and when they click on it, the notes will appear in their app. They can return the favor too!

NOTED Places is compatible with any iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod® Touch with iOS 5.1 or greater and is available for free in the iTunes Store:

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  1. This is cool! I am always storing places to eat, visit, etc. in my iPhone notes area. Excited to try this out. 🙂

  2. Let me know what you think K! I used to store everything in my notes too–they would get too jumbled up. This app keeps everything streamlined and easy to find.

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