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Yes, I, too, am sick of “half their size!” magazine covers, diet secrets of the stars…blah, blah, blah. Truth be told, however, I am also tired of the extra holiday LBs I’m carrying around, so I must find the time to add a little exercise. But as moms, how in the world are we supposed to find the time?! Never fear, Breezy Mama is here with THREE workout DVDs for busy moms that only take 20 minutes… yes, it’s true! And if you want to go a li’l longer you have that option as well. So, when you barely have a moment to spare, check out these quick and easy ways to be a part of all the annoying (kidding… kind of…) people who are losing weight.

1. 21 Day Body Makeover

With this workout DVD, you actually choose your 20 minute workout based on your body type! Are you an “hourglass”, “ruler”, or “spoon”? (since I wasn’t sure what my body type was, I asked my husband… who wisely was afraid to answer…). As they say,”Transform your body in 21 days with exercises designed specifically for your shape. With two 20-minute circuit workouts for each body type, you’ll learn the quickest and most effective way to trim your waistline, slim your thighs, tone your arms, and conquer your stubborn problem areas.”
$9.49 on Amazon – click here!


2. Exhale: Core Fusion 30 Day Sculpt

In the past, I have discussed other workout DVDs that are from this same couple and this is absolutely one of my favs! Each day, you can choose a different 20 minute workout from over 30 options! You can follow the program for 30 days straight (with rest days included), but there are 30 options that are twenty minutes each! I haven’t done the full program, but I love to pick and choose a quick session on days I just don’t have the time (yes, I do these exercises often!).
$9.49 on Amazon – click here!


3. Shiva Rea: Yoga in Greece

With exercises you can pick and choose from, this is such a cool option! As they say, “Shiva Rea’s Yoga Matrix lets you mix and match the 20-minute segments for a longer custom practice. With over 3 hours of yoga and meditations to explore, the possibilities are endless.” In short, choose only 20-minutes, OR decide which combination of sessions you want to do! Generally, I choose two 20 minutes, add the 10 minute core and the 10 minute cool down. Since you can create your own combo of different sections, I also don’t get burnt out!
$10.99 on Amazon — click here!

Do you plan to try any of these workout DVDs or have any quick and easy exercises to share? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I’m so excited to try these new options! I was just thinking this morning that it’s time to get a new workout DVD in my rotation.

  2. I’m so excited to try these new options! I was just thinking this morning that it’s time to get a new workout DVD in my rotation, though I still do love the Tone it Up Girls and Gillian ones you’ve recommended in the past.

  3. Thank you, Alex! I am always looking for new options, too, so I thought this might help others in my boat! There are definitely piles of DVDs I have tried that don’t make my lists! And that Tone it Up DVD is one of my all time favorites, too! Still in my rotation!

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