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IEvenFunnierHCAs the holidays approach, Breezy Mama is of course here to help you find fun gifts for the kids! For fans of James Patterson’s book, I Funny, (and even those new to the series!), great news – a sequel to his New York Times best selling original is here, I Even Funnier. Written from the point of view of a middle schooler who is wheelchair-bound, this tale follows his hilarious quest to become a comedian. As the back of the book reads, “Step right up and see me, Jamie Grimm, laugh my way through the roller-coaster ride called middle school. Watch me joke my way to the top of the Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic Contest! Be amazed as I fend off the attention of thousand of starstruck girls! Or something like that, anyway…”

My kids and I hadn’t read the first edition yet so though we were new to the series, we were still able to enjoy the laughs. In fact, to find out my son’s favorite part, watch this short video:

To learn more about James Patterson’s I Even Funnier (and to even read some of the first few chapters!), visit: http://www.middleschoolbooks.com/

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