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Ahhhh… you know me and my love for laughs on a Friday! One of my absolute favorite people and Breezy Mama go-to experts, Dr. Gafori (in fact, an article Breezy Mama did with her just about three years ago, Signs You Have a Postpartum Hernia, STILL receives 200+ views every single day…), has a sister in a band and, when visiting, discovered my favorite doctor’s 22 month old son playing with her music equipment. From there, the idea for Haleh Gafori’s video for her song “So Right” was born!

“I wondered if we were out of our minds to think he could perform all the actions, but we figured if we made it a game and he was having fun through it all, there was a chance it could work,” the lead singer for The Mast told Interview Magazine. “We also knew we couldn’t have a big crew of strangers there because that might intimidate him and the other kids, so we were the whole crew. I directed, [my bandmate] Matt [Kilmer] filmed, the parents helped out a lot. It was a game and a party from beginning to end, which definitely fit the vibe of the track.”

For some Friday fun (and I love the song, too!), be sure to watch the video here:

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  1. Lalita Malone says

    Super cute video! The song is really catchy too. The doctor has a second career!

  2. Lol Lalita! It’s actually the doctor’s sister 🙂 Love the song!! And soooo cute!

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