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On Tuesday, my son and I got to have a dinner date, followed by a movie… a screening of Thor: the Dark World. It’s next to impossible not to love an evening alone with my little man, especially when the movie, in his 7 year old words, was “The best movie ever.”

Now, I can’t say I had the exact same reaction (ahem), but found it to be a so-so flick. In fairness, I had not seen the first Thor, which meant I could tell some of the jokes were aimed at those who had. That being said, I was able to get the gist of the references and felt the movie was a lot of fun.

As a fan of The Avengers, I have to say the villain in Thor, Loki, expertly played by Tom Hiddleston, is an all time favorite and watching some interesting twists play out were entertaining, as well as the humorous moments.

While driving home, my son noted that he was glad it wasn’t too scary as he was concerned it might be… and of course I had my own set of concerns beforehand, so it was a relief that it was not a “mom fail” moment.

My son, who has now joined me while I write this, would like to add, “Um…hmmm…”

Breezy Mama: Did you like it?

Yeah! I loved it!

What was your favorite part?

Ummm… They were all really good parts because I loved the whole movie. It was REALLY good!

Would you see it again?


Would you go on a date with your mom again?


Well answered…. ahem.

For your very own sneak peek of Thor: The Dark World, in theaters this Friday, November 8, watch here:

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  1. Great review Chelsea. Cool to see a stand-alone Marvel movie actually acknowledge the fact that yes, the Avengers did happen, and that they still exist in this universe, even if they aren’t always popping-up to say hello or kick some butt.

  2. Thank you, Dan! Did you see it, yet? Very fun Avengers tie in!

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