Back to School with Paul Frank

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As a major Paul Frank fan, I’ve been head over heels with their school supplies! In fact, here are some favs to add to your cart in time for that first bell to ring!

1. Backpack
Ahhh… imagine carrying around Julius in a suitable form versus the stuffed animal that teachers may prefer your child leave at home. To pack up your school supplies in one, click here!

For the bigger kids who have more books to carry, click here!


2. Notebooks
Nothing says noteworthy like this adorable pad of paper! To start writing in yours, click here!

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3. Reusable Snack Bags
Save the planet by reducing waste and look good while doing it, too! To start storing your lunch box items in a reusable sack, click here!

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4. Lunchbox
And lettuce not forget the food! Carry your munchies in this insulated tote by clicking here!

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5. A watch
Never be late to class again! Tell ’em what time it is by clicking here!

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