Best Kids Soundtrack Songs of Summer

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Recently, I was stuck in traffic with the kids who were requesting we play the Turbo soundtrack. Thinking to myself, “UGH!” I obliged… and boy was I in for a treat! In fact, I’m suddenly realizing that when House of Pain (Jump Around!) makes it on there, someone is specifically making these CDs for me! Here are my favorites kids’ soundtracks for movies songs of summer:

1. Turbo
Favorite songs on their include:

Let The Bass Go (Snoop Dogg)
It s Tricky (RUN-DMC)
What s New Pussycat? (Tom Jones)
Drop It Like It s Hot (Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams)
Krazy (Pitbull featuring Lil Jon)
Jump Around (House Of Pain)
Goin Back To Indiana (Jackson 5)
Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor)

To purchase, click here!

2. Despicable Me 2

Favorite songs on their include:

Happy (Pharrell Williams)
YMCA (The Minions)
Scream (Cee-Lo Green)

To purchase, click here!

3. Monsters University

If you love you some Randy Newman fun, then this one is for you!

To purchase, click here!

4. Planes
Favorite songs on their include:

You Don’t Stop NYC (Chris Classic & Alana D)
Love Machine (Carlos Alazraqui & Antonio Sol)

To purchase, click here!

PSST… for the ultimate summer soundtrack, I recommend making the above play list! And, next time you are in traffic with the kids or just in the mood for some fun, get ready to boogie!

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