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Admittedly, I have not been going to screenings of movies all summer! Yes, it’s true, I have been caught up in chillaxing with the kids without the worry of needing to be at a theater on time! But my son did keep asking: WHEN WILL WE GO AGAIN since it was his turn. Enter Disney’s Planes on Monday. After a dinner out, my li’l man and I had some 3D fun. So is the movie good? The answer is yes and no. At first, it seemed slow and cliche to me, but the pace did pick up. Characters aren’t exactly original, but the story line did get exciting. All in all, it was an enjoyable film that is worth going to see.

For little ones, the loud noises seem to bother my two year old twins during the commercials advertising the movie on TV, but it was nice that there are no true scary parts, like last summer’s options that were just way too frightening in parts!

Fans of Cars will love the familiar look and all the automobiles including some crossover characters.

photo-twoAnd, well, my son’s reaction to the film was, “That was awesome! Are we going to see it again [with our family]? I really want them to see it!”

There you have it.

Disney’s Planes lands (ahem) in theaters this Friday, August 9!

For more info, visit the official site:

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  1. We’re seeing it Sunday – looking forward!

  2. Have fun Kathy!

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