Pool Safety Tips, Keeping Kids in Bed at Night & More


After a MAJOR scare last Friday with one of my two year old twins falling in the water (an image that continues to haunt me) and a dad I’d never met saving her, it was only fitting that pool safety for kids was a topic on Fox 5 this morning! What are some tips to keep in mind this summer to keep your kids safe in the pool? Watch the quick segment to learn more. Plus! How to keep your kids in bed after you just got through the whole night time routine and at what age can kids stay home alone. Get all the “Ask the Moms” tips here:

(PSST… if the video above doesn’t work, click here!)

Want more pool safety for kids tips? Click here!

ALSO: To watch the second segment from Fox 5 where we discuss the Facebook photo of the cheating husband, Sesame Street’s new character who has a dad in jail and paying for a preschool coach, visit: http://landing.newsinc.com/shared/video.html?freewheel=91059&sitesection=134_Morning_News&VID=24906464

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