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My kids are enamored with fantasy worlds. Currently, my son is into the Spiderwick books, filled with goblins, fairies, brownies and all sorts of magical creatures, while my daughter loves The Magic Tree House book series, epic tales about a brother and sister who encounter magic and wizards, and strongly believe that with good, anything is possible.

But no matter how much you like to immerse yourself in a story, there’s nothing quite like going to the movies. Yes, you get wrapped up into what you’re reading, but in the darkness of the theatre, filled with the movie’s symphony, you become one with a film. Transported into that picture’s time and place for 90 minutes…it’s a great escape! This is why going to the movies generates so much excitement for my children–and let’s face it, for me, too.

I couldn’t wait to finish the Hunger Games trilogy so I could see how the filmmakers were going to bring The Capitol to life, or read all about the history of Henry VIII to enjoy such films as Elizabeth or The King’s Speech. But for my children, this excitement is always magnified—the chance to see a make-believe world they created in their imagination, now brought to life the Big Screen—is magic.


For example, Dr. Seuss’ stories are known for giving you the tools to imagine the most wonderful world where his characters live. Last spring, Universal Pictures brought Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax to life. It transported our family to a magical place filled with Barbaloots, Truffula Trees and more! I read my kiddos The Wizard of Oz, which they enjoyed, but actually seeing OZ brought to life and taking the journey with Dorothy down the iconic Yellow Brick Road made them cheer for her & her friends to succeed even more.


Recently, when we went to see The Croods, they saw the preview for Epic and now my kiddos cannot stop talking about it. “Is it out yet?” “Can we go see it?” “When is it playing?” And who can blame them? What better way to combine the Spiderwick and Magic Tree House books which they love so much? My kids can’t wait to travel deep into the forest—they get to see fairy tale creatures, just like Spiderwick’s Jared, Simon and Mallory encounter; and they are able to watch a teenage hero show that good always wins, just like Jack and Annie from The Magic Tree House. With Epic, my children are able to travel and SEE a world just like they ones they’ve been hearing about when I read to them. It’s movie magic!

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