Top 5 Best Written Children’s TV Shows


As long as you are asking (wait, did you ask?), I’d gladly tell you MY favorite kids television shows of all time, but during this particular moment, For Kids Entertainment is listing the picks from the Writer’s Guild as chosen by, well, television writers themselves. In fact, they recently posted the top 101 best written shows of all time and, if you are looking for some fun ones to download, borrow on Netflix, purchase on Amazon, etc. to fill in for re-runs this summer, here are the children’s TV programs that made that list!

1.  Sesame Street
Rocking in at #56 is of course my all time favorite, Sesame Street. Admittedly, this educational show is on in my house as I try and get that one last thing done, but I can’t help but laugh out loud over the hilarious puns. And then there’s the guest stars which always gets me to sit down and enjoy the fun (Hugh Jackman anyone?).

2. The Muppet Show
Growing up, there was nothing better than making the popcorn in time to watch the Muppets as a family! Yes, I cried during the most recent movie and this television series is definitely worth revisiting on Netflix or purchasing on Amazon with your own little ones. And it rocks in at #91 on the all time top best written list.

3. Family Ties
Always a fun one (hello Michael J. Fox as Alex P. Keaten) and, on a personal note, it was refreshing for me to see parents who were not only still married but still in love. Coming in at #95, another one to check out with the kids.

I_love_lucy4. I Love Lucy
Though I hesitated to include #12 on the list, I remember watching the reruns after school and laughing hysterically. And any time I end up doing something crazy, like interviewing Stevie Wonder at the Billboard Music Awards, and someone asks me, “How did YOU get to do that?” I explain how I “Lucille Ball’ed my way in.” Watch I Love Lucy here!

5. Star Trek
Sure, I found the most recent movie with Chris Pine entertaining, but I never got into Star Trek growing up. My brother DID enjoy it and it came in at an impressive #33. Get the original Star Trek series here.

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